All You Need to Know Before Starting a Business and Become Successful in Nigeria

Business can be any particular occupation or employment in for gain. It can be a trade, art, , agriculture or Art. It can also involve the act of buying and selling wares to people in order to earn a living. As a business person, there should be laid down rules for you and the rules should be to guide you, help you curtail your excesses and it’ll also help to discipline you too.

How To Become Successful in Business

How to become successful in business

As someone who’s new or just a starter in business, there are things that you ought to do in order for you to excel. For you to prosper in business, set a rule for yourself.

First of all, you need prayers more than every other thing. Pray without ceasing as the Bible instructs. You need prayers to be able to unlock your blessings and favour in your business.

Secondly, set out a goal for yourself, where do you want to see yourself in the next few years? Let’s assume that you’re into wears but shoes to be precise, where do you intend to be in the future? Do you want to center on only selling of shoes? When you set out a goal for yourself, it’ll help to build your business more. Plan that in the next 6 months -1year, that you’ll expand your business by adding other wears like clothing, bags, sunglasses and so on. You shouldn’t center only selling shoes, look for other things that people patronise more. You should know that people cannot do without wears so that make you to expand more.

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Also, discipline matters a whole in business especially for starters. What do I mean by discipline, this is training yourself by instruction or practice, it’s having self control. As a starter in business, you need to curtail some excesses, do not be carried away by your daily sales. This is the time that you’ve to save more, you should not buy whatsoever that you see or whatsoever that you crave for, no! Suffer now, save now for the future. You mustn’t give or lend money to anyone that comes to ask you for money. Remember, you’ve to turn up in order for you to maintain your business. The gain is meant for you to add to your capital for your business growth.

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In business, not everyone will be pleased because if you fall, same persons will mock you. This isn’t time for you to start buying all the designer’s clothes, wait! There’s time for that.

Furthermore, remember that in business, there is nothing like relationship or family. What do I mean? You mustn’t sell out things on credit just because of cordiality purpose, oh! She’s my sister, she’s my friend, he is this or that! No! It’s better for you to be called a “wicked and stingy” fellow than for you to sell on credit. They should pay you first before service. If everyone comes to patronise with that relationship mindset, that means that your business will collapse and you’ll see yourself begging. Create that standard and limit when it comes to your business. When you started your business ,you didn’t use sand to start, because of that, get your money first before you sell to anyone.

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Avoid greediness in business, sell things accordingly to your customers, don’t inflate the price triple for your customers, if not you’ll chase your customers away. It’ll be bad if your customers patronise you once and you’ll not see them again. Be just to your customers.

Have a good relationship with your customers but let it be moderate. Some customers can be annoying, some can bargain below the cost price, all you need is to be patient with them. There is a common saying that says that “customers are always right”. Ignore their annoying attitude, be nice to them and get your money.  Also, always put up a smiling face no matter how hard your day is, please put up a good smiling face. This virtue can attract more customers to you. Don’t be harsh to them.

Lastly, have a good customer service. Learn to appreciate your customers after each sales and help to convey their goods for them or you can call someone to help them with their loads or goods. Thanks.


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