How to Borrow Data on Glo

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On this post you are going to learn how to borrow data on glo network in Nigeria. Glo data is currently the most affordable data service we having in Nigeria. Glo has the most cheapest data plan and same time their network is very ok browsing the internet at as now. It many shock some people to know that it now possible to borrow data just as you can borrow airtime if you are using glo network. Don’t be surprise, it real and seem very cool, we had it confirmed already. If you are a serious regular customer of glo data service then glo will make this option available to you, so you can borrow data  to browse the internet till when ever you are ready to pay back.

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How to borrow data on glo

Not everybody this borrow data service is available to, it restricted to certain customers who uses glo data service regular and not yet to every customer but a very active customer who recharge their phones regular and purchase data often now and then. The process on how to borrow data on Glo network is as easy as that of borrowing airtime and you won’t have to undergo any form of stress or what so ever. That is what this post will show you below.

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Glo Data Borrowing, How To Borrow Data On Glo

To borrow data on glo dial *321# and Send. if you are eligible for data borrow you will see an option which says “BORROW DATA” at option number 3. Enter 3 and select the amount of data you would want to borrow.


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Note that the process of pay back is through when you recharge your phone, they won’t have to wait for you to buy data next before the get back their data cost, and they won’t deduct data, it you money they will deduct till it covers the cost of the data you borrow.

This is the complete process on how to borrow data on Glo Network Nigeria, if you are having issues regarding this post then leave a comment bellow using the comment box.

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