How to Borrow Credit/Airtime on 9Mobile, Airtel, Glo and MTN

These article will teach you how to borrow credit or airtime in Nigeria networks, such as 9mobile, Airtel, Glo and MTN. Borrow is a part of life to help carry out or solve some urgent needs. Same happen in Nigerian communication networks now. You can get a loan on Etisalat, Airtel, Glo and MTN network and payback on your next recharge.

borrow credit of etisalat, glo, airtel and mtn


You might have experience a time when you want to make an important calls, what you will hear while dialing the person number is a voice of customer service telling you that your Call credit has been exhausted. It heart breaking at that point because in some cases you won’t be at the best position to buy airtime, so what next will you do? This is the point you need to borrow from your network and payback when next you recharge.

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How To Borrow Credit On 9mobile, Airtel, Glo and MTN

How to Borrow Credit On 9mobile

To borrow credit on 9Mobile network dial *665*amount# (e.g *665*500#)

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Available amounts to borrow on Etisalat are: N50,N100, N200, N500 and N1000.
Also Note that you will be charge 15% on the borrowed amount. This means when you borrow N100 you will receive 90 and 10 will be charge for the service fee.


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How To Borrow Credit on MTN

To borrow airtime/credit on MTN dial *606#

How to Borrow Credit on Airtel

To borrow airtime/credit on AIRTEL dial *500#

How to Borrow Airtime in Glo 

To borrow airtime/credit on GLO dial *321*amount#

These are the the codes to borow credit or airtime on Etisalat, Airtel, Glo and MTN


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