Boko Haram attacks Maiduguri

The people of Maiduguri was attacked by Boko Haram terrorists on Wednesday 07 May 2017.

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The report stated that the terrorists meet with the military as they try to attack the community and withstand shorting battle that took place for about 2 hours.

According to punch news paper who reported this earlier stated that undisclosed numbers of the terrorists where killed and other escape  with injuries.

The attack that took place on Wednesday has cause lot of panic to the community, and some of the community residents has relocated to nearby communities, how ever the the Deputy Director Army Public Relations 7 Division, headquarters in Maiduguri, Lt. Col. Kingsley Samuel, asked that the residents of the town should not panic.

The name of community attacked is Jiddari Polo. There no report regarding life lost on the community residents.

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