Bobrisky ‘s Deportation from United kingdom

The recent rumor is that the known transgender Bobrisky has been denied entrance into United kingdom.

He has been denied entry to the United Kingdom also he has been scheduled for deportation , Reason is because he doesn’t have the neccesary requirements  and he doesn’t have a work permit. His visa does not permit him to work in the United kingdom, as he is in the country to make money through the events.

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From the report received by the media, he was scheduled  to suppose to have a meet and greet with fans and celebrities during his stay in the UK.but bobrisky idea was different as he  arrived the country with the aim of attending commercial events despite knowing the prohibition stated on the visa he was given.

He was caught with some events not supported by his visa which involves selling of product.Bobrisky was  reported to be in possession of some creams he wanted to sell to his  fans and his  clients.

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Bobrisky was being held at a detention camp near the Heathrow airport in London.

For now , he is back in the country and he has reacted to the development. Posting on his Instagram page, Bobrisky wrote: “In any situation you find yourself, always still thank God.”

Updated: September 8, 2018 — 5:51 pm

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