Bichi’s Appointment: shettimah says buhari has the right to appoint anyone.

The appointment of Bich has generated controversies from all corners, this had made many  to accuse the president of  the act nepotism.

Dss Yusuf Magaji Bichi

Buhari has the right to appoint who he feels would be loyal to him.shettimah said

President Buhari may have lost confidence in the former Acting DSS DG, as his appointment was not confirmed. ACF president explained.

Yerima Shettima, who is the president to the forum insisted that the Buhari government was not having any impact to the northern citizens . They are not feeling his impact.

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He said, “The appointment is at the discretion of the President. It is the right for mr president  to appoint  anyone he  feels is capable and will handle the pisition well. This is scretive and one’s secret can’t be given to someone whom you doubt. ,especially when politics  has pictured it self  ugly these days in Nigeria

He said, I see no issue after all Seiyifa was to retire any moment from now, but that’s not the point, if  the appointment can be given to somebody who is retired  then how about giving it to someone that is still in the service.

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The Loyalty we give to Nigeria must be hundred percent and nothing less.we must put the  Interest of this country before any political appointment otherwise  we will be remembered for our actions.

Every commander in cheif will and must definitely look for someone he can control, some one who will always play according to his cards, some one who is loyal to him in every way. He said.

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“we all feel that the  the current president, president Buhari’s government is running like a syndicate that only favours just some people. , will say no because the North has also seen the worst when it comes to suffering. I think government should be all sectional. HeHe sa



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