Biafrans disturbance in nnewi Anambra state

Early this morning  at Nnewi round about at about 5am, a long vehicle was trying to go out and he was attacked by 50 guys on mask, his key was collected and currently the vehicle is being packed on the road.

The biafrans have been disturbing people’s business in Anambra state as they have blocked most of the roads and stop people from moving out of their houses. 

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Vehicle seen moving around has been attacked, some had their screen broken while some had their car keys taken away from them.

People have not be able to go about their businesses as they are scared to come out. People coming from church services has not been able to get to their houses because they could not get buses. Drivers are scared as the biafrans threatened to burn their buses.

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The police patrol team of Anambra State Nnewi as at 6 am has started moving around the community in other to make everywhere busy for the people. The biafrans are in their hide out watching as the police men patrol.

The biafrans has been threatening bike men who are ready to start their businesses. They siezed their bikes from them and engage in to fighting them


They are standing on the road with so many weapons and they are willing to use it on people who disobey them.

Women with babies and little children are stranded on the road as no  bus is willing to move           



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Mercy Onwuama


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  1. Dumaga

    It’s pathetic what this country is turning into

  2. Ejiro

    Something still surprises me, where is KANU by the way… Na wah oh.

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