Beware of Ritualist Job Vacancy in Lagos and Abia, Aba (See their trick)

Sound warning is going around both physical and on the internet of a new trick ritualist now operating in Nigeria, this was recorded from a source on whatsapp who advice spreading the information so i could get to all Nigerians to beware that ritualist haw implement new trick they easily use to get people.

Job Vacancy Ritualist in Lagos and Abia, Aba, Ibadan

According to the warning message it stated that this act is happening mostly in abia aba, where ritualist post fake jobs around the street with an attractive salary that could move anyone. Read the warning message below.

The Word Of God
The heart of men is full of evil and entitled to destruction, except for those whose heart is for God. Check your ways now.

Pls don’t stop spreading Ur brothers keeper.

Some kind of evil is actually going on, which people don’t really know while some do but decides to keep it to them self. Mostly in Abia state precisely (Aba)…. people should be mindful of those posters that read…. “JOB VACANCY CALL SO SO NUMBER” some do write the price of their salary…. those people in CHARGE are evil and RITUALIST. In Aba they will tell you to come to a place call Batah around park that where they will come and pick you …their scheduled date is always Wednesdays. If dey pick you …you are actually gone for ever with trace..
A girl was pick together with her fellow job applicants. On reach to an unknown destination precisely a house (duplex) they cue in a line and they were given numbers with a tag, as people they want to interview for a job, her number is nine(9) the first person entered the so-called office for the interview, later they called the second person, the 3rd, the 4th the 5th, none of these called people came out. But They still continued. The girl became uncomfortable and she summon courage and went to the security man at gate and told him that she don’t know what is actually happening here …. that people who went in for the interview …none of then has come to testify how the interview was….the man told her that is the spirit of God that directed her to him…..he then link the secret to her that those people who enter for the interview have been butchered for rituals. So spirits don’t shout. Fear grip her ….. she beg the man to open gate for her and he said is too late but the only solution is for her to enter the boot of their eran car which she did. When it reach to her turn no:9 she was nowhere to be found they search for her every where with the fear that she might be a ghost that came to spoil their business, but God saver her through the gate whom later drove out with the car to buy ritual items for them….
Please save many lives by sending this message to all your contact list ….no body knows the next victim…it could be some one close to you. But God forbid…

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