Sport Betting Business in Nigeria: How to Start

Sport betting business is a very lucrative business in Nigeria at today. A plan of starting a betting company is one of the best you could ever thought of, in Nigeria at today naijabet and nairabet are making millions daily from bet that people are placing. People are going into betting business because of how lucrative it is. I can say sport betting companies are still very few in Nigeria if compared with the numbers of the business in America and Europe. So going into betting business is great.

Sport betting is just about placing bets on football match, and today youth are very vibrant in betting during matches and even before matches begin. unlike some years back when it was only men that was commonly seen in betting office which was knows to be pool, but today the youths has taken over betting, they bet each now and then on every match.

Betting in Nigeria has now advance it self to the extend of one betting live matches and win immediately. This is the new technology that all Nigeria betting company has implored, and this is really a great features doing betting companies a lot of good because their money is splinting in their account every minutes. So why not come out with your betting company if you have the fund to stand.

On this article i will be taking you step by step on what you need to archive your own personal betting company in Nigeria.

Requirements to start sport betting business in Nigeria

Operating Office
Betting Website
Payment Platform
Business Bank Account
Business Registration
Hire Programmers

Operation Office

The first thing a sports betting company need is an office where it can operating from, it should be a very comfortable place. For a start you can rent an office at any comfortable environment, it don’t have to be too big, you can start small. The most important thing is that; you have money to pay your winners and you can be very fast. You can get an office to operate from within 500,000 to 700,000 depending on location.


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Betting Website

Betting website is very vital, you can archive this with the help of some already built sport betting script that enable you to just load the script on your server and start working with it. There are some sport betting script vendors that has the best sports betting script, they have every thing done on the script all required of you is just load it on your server and your betting website will be live. Betting script are expensive to get, Some of the best available betting script cost nothing less than 5,000,000, there is this one that 9jabet and nairabet are using, it is design and maintained by, the script allow the betting of so many sports, which will enable you to still be making money even when one sport gets finished, the script also have the new technology which is placing a bet while watching the match.

Some of the script vendors are “” This scripts is the best and it’s what most of Nigeria betting companies are using. You have the option of adding mobile platform, binary, and selecting the numbers sports you want. You should put in mind that the more features you select, the more you will pay.

No body will know about your business if you don’t place some adverts, you will need to have some advertisement done both online and offline. Advertising on TV channels is considered the best advert to get to the right audience. You may not need a whole lot of advertisement this is because when your service if cool with the first users, they will do free marketing for you even when you don’t know, which is considered even more effective.

Business Registration.
It a must that you will register your business with Nigeria cooperates, there may be some other charges on tax, licensing and some other stuffs depend on the law of the state/city you intend to operate on.

Business Bank Account
You can start by operating from personal account, but it advisable to open a business account. Opening a business account in Nigeria doesn’t take much time and it considered very easy by informationhood, you can open your business account with any Nigeria bank even if you choose to operate with more than one bank. You can learn how to open business account in First Bank on our previous article.  This account will have your business name which will make it look more advance and serious to your users.

Hire a Programmers
You need one or two programmers to always work on your betting website security.

If you are ready to take a bold step setting up your betting company, then you can contact any of the betting scrip vendors,,

Starting a sport betting company require some good amount of start up capital, a least having up to 10,000,000 in other to keep pushing even when you experience looses, because you can’t predict who will win or loose, it always advisable to have some cash in hand that can be use in paying your winners. It recommended you introduce a fast paying method in other to over take your competitors.

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