Best Place to Buy New & UK Used Laptops in Kaduna

Hello friends welcome to Informationhood. This is one of the question I have been getting. Since I published a post about where to buy laptops in Abraka I have been getting series of request about where to buy quality laptops in Kaduna. Buying a laptop required a good research so to avoid buying a bad laptop and also dealing with the wrong dealer with bad customer service and bad support. 

Yes! Many laptop sellers are out there selling good and bad products and it very difficult to sort out the best of them for quality. The chances of seeing the best of them is really not an easy thing. Most times you need a review to make the best decision such as someone who had purchased from a particular seller for assurance of good product. 

In Nigeria there are many dealers of laptops with good reputation but not all are accessable in Kaduna. Lagos is one of the best place when searching for affordable laptops with good quality yet not everyone of them are ready to o waybill to a long distance like Kaduna so let’s look at how we can still get a high quality laptops here in Kaduna. 

Before we get started what do you need a laptop for? Don’t forget there are many types of laptops with their different configurations as well, there’s a laptop for everything you wish to do.

For graphics designers there’s laptop best fit for them. For regular office use such as creating documents, surfing online and making video there’s laptop best fit for that as well. For those working on movies, development and more there’s also a laptop spec well fit for that as well. How about gamers, Yes there’s laptop for that too.

If we want to talk about laptop specs and if that’s best fit for what you needed a laptop for, then definitely we’re going to consider what’s called processor, ram and hard drive. It’s advisable to always go for what will serve you better such as high processor, ram and hard drive. However to be frank with you, what some people cannot do with 1million naira laptop someone can do even more with a 90,000 naira laptop. It’s not always the laptop that does the job itself but the user skill. 

When buying laptop for high Softwares uses you should consider buying core i3/i5 but if buying laptop for normal office use, online surfing, person use etc that doesn’t required high Softwares then consider buying core 2 duo or Intel Inside. Infact Intel Inside with at least 4gb ram can handle even web design, programing, whatever you think of except high games. But some of us will want to go for what’s not necessary not knowing the main purpose. But for those that have enough money to spend, nothing is bad having the latest. 

What to look for when buying laptop in Kaduna

The first thing to consider is quality and warranty. Don’t neglect this two things because it’s very important. Don’t just go and buy scraps with your hard earned money. Majority of dealers doesn’t sell original product but inferior known as refurbished. The bad thing is, you won’t even know it’s a refurbished laptop be it new or foreign used that’s why you must buy your laptop from a trustworthy dealer. Refurbished laptops are not bad actually but they’re fragile and can get faulty at anytime. If you want to enjoy your laptop then buy quality laptop from a recommended dealer in Nigeria. 

Psalm 121:7-8
"Give thanks to the Lord for He is good: His love endures forever."

Best Place to Buy Laptop in Kaduna and Anywhere in Nigeria

We have one recommendation but that doesn’t mean there isn’t other good dealers out there but this is the most trustworthy seller of laptop currently in Nigeria that we’ve come across. Not just trustworthy but they have the best quality at affordable price. They also deliver nationwide. What more can one ask for? However take note that there could also be other good dealers as well, so you’re advice to do your research very well before buying. We’ll also give you the best place we’ve seen which laptops can be purchased in Nigeria. 

Informationhood recommendation

P-Sero. If you want peace of mind with your laptop then buy from Psero computer’s. They got it when it comes to good quality, warranty and also good customer support after purchase. They even have a support forum where customer’s can easily get supported. This is our best pick at the market right now.  You can check out their website and place your order. 

Thanks for your time visiting Informationhood. I hope you enjoyed your time with us and have learnt something very important today. Please give us a like below. Good luck on your search for a good laptop.  Congrats in advance.

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