Best Insecticide In Nigeria: Kill Mosquitoes And All Other Insects

The purpose of this article is to show you the best insecticide in Nigeria. Mosquitoes is not taking friendly with any one in this country, Africa has been rated most Mosquitoes nation and Nigeria have a great rank on it. It not new that 85% fever illness in Nigeria is due to the result of Mosquitoes bits. For this reasons people are seeking alternative to eliminate Mosquitoes from their homes in order to prevent unwanted illness.

Best Insecticide In Nigeria


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Currently there are a lot of method in keeping Mosquitoes at our home, and the best that is well accepted by Nigerians is using insecticides. This method has been for a long and some companies are well known for good production of insecticides and new companies are coming every day, the question is what is that best insecticide in Nigeria? Because all of them claims to be the best but the truth is that not all of them really work.

Best Insecticide In Nigeria

The reason for this article is to show you the best insecticides we currently have in Nigeria.

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1. Rambo Magic Insecticide

rambo magic insecticide

This insecticide is really wonderful if get the original of it, Rambo magic insecticide is the best insecticide in Nigeria that eliminate mosquitoes in just few minutes of use. Outside mosquitoes this insecticide work perfectly well in getting rid of other insects such as spiders, cockroach, ants etc. The smell is little friendly unlike some high dangerous insecticides. Rambo Magic is a the latest product of Rambo.

2. Go-90 Insecticide

Go-90 insecticide

Go-90 is another effective insecticide, this is one of the oldest and popular insecticide that once gain the best insecticide in Nigeria. The price of Go-90 is very affordable ranging from #40 Naira to #100, this has been the easiest and best insecticide for a common Nigerian. Informationhood has tested and confirmed Go-90 it work getting rid of mosquitoes and others insecticide though the smell in never friendly. You can get Go-90 at any local shop close to you. Please note that due to the popularity of GO-90 it now have what we call fake, f you can get hold of original Go-90 it will amaze you how it work.

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3. Raid Insecticide

Raid Insecticide

Raid insecticide is one of the oldest insecticide if not the oldest, Raid has been for a long while now still ranking a maximum insects killing potential. This insecticide work perfectly well killing all insects according to it promise, the smell of raid is not friendly but it work perfectly.

4. Rambo Insecticide

rambo insecticide

While Rambo Magic made the best Nigeria insecticide it a bit sad the main and first Rambo insecticide could not make it at second position even. Rambo is among the oldest best insecticides in Nigeria that has serve the country greatly in means of eliminating insects. Rambo is perfect killing insecticide that keep killing for long, the smell might not be too friendly but it work perfectly well according to it promise.

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5. Mobil Insecticide

mobil insecticide

Mobil insecticide is among the best and oldest Nigeria insecticides, this insecticides is considered for fast killing of insect and continually killing for long. The smell is not friendly but it work perfectly ok in killing insects.

This are the best insecticides in Nigeria, we don’t care what so ever others who claims to be sniper or what so ever, this post is not restricted to updates, we will surely update this post time to time if we notice any change of performance or new product that fit to be on this list. Also note that there are some dangerous risk involve using insecticides as they all include chemicals that are harmful to the body, for this reason we recommended you learn how to use insecticides and pesticides to avoid health problem. Visit How to use insecticides to avoid health problem.

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  1. Pl, I want to start insecticide production and where I can buy insecticide materials thanks. And I want buy Okrika Jeans añd shirts in bail for sale. May almighty god continued to bless you.

  2. You have a whole lot of insecticide list here. I’ve tried a couple of them though. I’ve used Raid, Mobil, and Rambo too. One problem I have with them is that you must stay outdoor once you spray any of them. The odor is pungent and may likely chokee one to death. However, I’ve learnt to use a homemade insecticide that is 200 times better than any of these mentioned above. Its a simple solution which can be easily sourced at home. See the component mixture here

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