4 Best DVD Players in Nigeria, Price and Where to Buy

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Best DVD Players in Nigeria

Best DVD players in Nigeria

The advancement of technology brought about the use of DVDs in watching movies and videos on computers, smartphones and other devices. This does not rule out the fact that an excellent DVD player will find its spot in the home setup. Getting a good DVD might be nerve-cracking and most times headaches due to the experience gotten from other products or models of DVDs. For this article we will look into predictable designs and portable units of DVDs and also focus on the best DVD to be used at home, office, classes, shops and other places:

1. LG DVD Player DV878B:

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this particular product or model made from the powerhouse of LG with an innovative branding that further strengthens their status with the DVD Player DV878B offering. The DVD Player handles playbacks in formats of DVD and CD, executing video and audio playback in a clear and crisp form respectively.

The unit also supports other formats like WMA (for recordings) including supports for USB connection, the user can choose to load their media from their phones or external storage devices. Media in this sense alludes to recordings and sounds as well as pictures. To give users peace of mind over the product, it comes with a warranty that lasts one year after the day of purchase. You can purchase LG DVD Player on Jumia, Konga or directly from LG Outlets, you can contact LG in Nigeria directly here for inquiries.

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2. Sony DVD Player (Mp3 + USB):

This peculiar brand Sony is no doubt one of the kings of home entertainment in Nigeria, so their DVD player should not be one to disappoint. We have a lot of interest playing media via USB ports (meaning support for content on your phone, media gadgets and external storage units). In addition to that, this unit comes with its own HDMI port and allows the use of multiple disks. The unit also squeezes in video rendering of up to 1080p resolution.it has a feature of an Ultra-Compact design, the Resume function makes it suitable for Nigerian markets where the power supply is erratic and highly unpredictable.

3. Samsung DVD 5050:

introducing these new products that supports a green environment is the DVD 5050. When it is not busy saving the environment, the playback unit also support video, image and audio formats of media. Under the stylish configuration is an in-fabricated resound framework to give the best encompass and perfectly clear sound. Probing further, one would be impressed by the low energy consumption levels of the unit. For those who have young children that are prone to watching a lot of movies at home, this unit could save you from skyrocketing power bills.

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4 Jiepak Digital DVD Player:

One of the new brands in the home entertainment which is the best is the Jiepak Digital DVD Player, this brand guarantees a unit that is perfect with significant configurations that recordings, pictures and sound can come in. It even offers bolster for Kodak Picture CDs to make it a fascinating choice for picture takers/photograph editors. There is a dynamic sweep which includes the set up for looking for video frame locations. Notwithstanding, there is in like manner bolster for inbuilt speakers for the best sound experience. you should have an individual arrangement of speakers you would like to utilize, the DVD unit ships with an outer connector port to make that possible.

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5. LG DVD Player (Mp3 + USB):

This brand makes another bold statement with the second unit to get on this list. This one stands out from the first in the sense that it contains support for a USB port.

Not all has the ordinary USB-support because this would not exclusively be utilized for playing media from USB-empowered gadgets. Rather, it would likewise clear a path for the exchanging of information from the CD in the DVD unit to the associated flash drive.

Another favorable condition of going for this unit is within the sight of parental bolt capacities to guarantee kids in the house don’t mishandle the player. Outlined as a thin unit with a metallic shading, the DVD is a blend of excellence and development.

In conclusion to this article, you can buy any of the mentioned brand directly from their office or from local electronics shops around you. You can as well buy them on online shops such as jumia and Konga. Their process are within N8,000 to N10,000.

This are the 4 best dvd players in Nigeria. If you have further questions you can use the comment box below.

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