How To Become Informationhood Writer

We are currently recruiting professional writers.

The purpose of informationhood is to transform the world with a whole lot of vital information, from news, entertainment, sports, health, to day-to-day tips on how to live an excellent life.

Informationhood is a non profitable organisation with vision to make positive information easily available and accessible to the world.

How to make money as an informationhood writer?

1. As an Informationhood writer you can make money from sponsored article you write. The whole money belongs to the writer, as Informationhood allows promotional articles, business articles, biographical articles and more. You can execute contract to write and display promotional articles for companies or businesses with us.

2. Informationhood rewards top 3 articles that have the highest weekly views. If your article gets a lot of views and makes it to top 3 most viewed article of the week then you get an appreciation reward of N10,000 Naira.

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How about if three of your articles make the top 3 week view? That gives you 30,000naira. The good thing is that the more you post the more your chances of making it to the top 3. Also, old article are not restricted to make top three.

3. Top 10 highest monthly viewed articles are awarded with 5,000 each.

4. Best Author of the Year Award from IH LTD and SHOPINVERSE NIG: A brand new 2016 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Convertible and N500,000 = $2,000.

How to join informationhood authors’ group

Have you written before? Are you fluent in English Language? Can you meet up with writing more than 15 articles monthly? If your answers to the above questions are yes, then you are 40% into joining our authors’ group. All you need to do is indicate your interest by forwarding a typed application which include your contact details to Informationhood writers’ team at

Our authors team will review your application and contact you with a qualification or disqualification message.

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How do I know if I am qualified for the weekly/monthly award?

A scan copy that includes top 20 articles and their numbers of view are posted here weekly, while monthly here.

Our award team will also email and call qualified authors to provide their payment method and details.

If you qualified to join our authors’ group, informationhood will send you an email and text message containing your account name and password which you need to login to this website and start writing

Acceptable Articles

  • Politic
  • Technology
  • Gospel
  • Relationship
  • News
  • Educational
  • Health
  • Business
  • Reviews
  • How to
  • Ideas
  • Crime Report: 419 Scams, Drug trafficking, Weapon trafficking, Prostitution, Contract killing, extortion, illegal diamond smuggling, Robbery, Fraud, Money laundering, Human trafficking, Kidnapping, Rape/Sexual Violence.
  • Scam Activity Expossion
  • Personal Esperience
  • Stories
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Rules and Regulations every informationhood author must abound.

  1. Must not apply in the intention of promoting businesses only.
  2. Must not write about other authors of this website
  3. Must not Expose sensitive information of a crimeless person without his/her notice. information such as ATM card details, Home Address etc.
  4. Must not run paid promotion to your articles
  5. Must write not less than 15 articles monthly
  6. Must not include affiliate link
  7. Must not spam
  8. Must not share your account login details with public
  9. Must not post nude photos/videos on this website
  10. Must not post Google AdSense code on articles
  11. Must not use abusive or raw wards on article

Failure to comply to the above rules will lead to immediate termination of author account and all his/her articles without any notification.

Menthod Of Payment

  • Direct Account Deposits ( Nigerians Only )
  • Payga
  • Check
  • Western Union Transfer
  • Gift Cards


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