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35 Latest Men and Guys Hair Cut Style in Nigeria & Ghana

Hair cut styles

Welcome to Informationhood info platform. At this point we want to introduce to you the best men hair cut styles in Nigeria that is suitable for young a man, guys, and men in Nigeria. The reason for this article is to show you hair styles that are currently in volk. This is the latest haircut […]

5 Best Shaving Creams in Nigeria

High Time Bump Stopper Sensitive Skin Razor Bump Treatment

It is very important to know the best shaving cream to use after shaving. So many of us want cream that will be good for our skin just after shaving. Some creams can really cause trouble to some people if used, some shaving cream are not good for skin, this is the reason you may […]

See the Danger of Bleaching and Mixing of Creams in Nigeria

face damages caused by missing of creams

For no reasons people started hating their original colors and urge to get the fair skin that doesn’t give money or anything serious. Some people think they are more beautiful when they bleach and seem to be more attractive to men. Hmm na wah oh. Well the warning will not stop coming. If you refuse […]

Men who marry chubby women always live longer

chubby women

Women should appreciate their shapes and  sizes especially the chubby ones. Gone are those days when the fat and chubby women are not appreciated. chubby women Women who are chubby should always appreciate themselves . These days women who are chubby always look for a way to trim down and become someone else. They are […]

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