Barcelona’s Football Academy in Lagos: How to Join The Academy

We wish to inform you that the Barcelona’s Football Academy in Lagos known as FCBEscola is now in Lagos State Nigeria and open for Nigerian children. If you are a footballer between 6 and 18 years of age then you can join these academy and have your talent expose to the world, by bringing your dreams alive.

Barcelona’s Football Academy in Lagos

The Barcelona’s Football Academy FCBEscola teaches young children the Barca methodology that includes been creative in brand new football methodology to promote some core footballing values, such as attacking, teamwork, respect, ambition, effort and modesty. The Barcelona is currently in many other countries and has now move to Nigeria. This is a great opportunity for young Nigerians who have interest in football to stand out and make their dreams comes alive and a good chance also for them to see and learn how Barcs’s DNA works.

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How To Join Barcelona’s Football Academy in Lagos 

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On this article we are going to show you how to join Barcelona’s Football Academy in Lagos. Do take note that FCBEscola will begin trials by September 2016 and their registration form is currently on sale. The registration forms can be access at the Teslim Balogun Stadium in Surulere, Lagos for a fee of N13,500 (thirteen thousand, five hundred Naira). You have the option to pay with either by cash or withan an ATM Card on the Point of Sale, (POS) device are made available there.

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If you are not comfortable taking cash or your ATM card there you can also pay at any GTBank branch or via GTBank’s mobile app by selecting the FCBEscola Lagos option under the customized deposit option if using the GTB mobile app.

After payment you are then required to provide evidence of payment at the Teslim Balogun Stadium to collect the registration form.

After collecting your registration form, Fill the form, and provide necessary documents as stated in the registration form and then collect your registration receipt.

The Schools would be holding temporarily at the Teslim Balogun Stadium, Surulere, Lagos.

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Note: You have to be informed that the registration fom does not guarantee automatic admission to the Barcelona’s Football Academy in Lagos (FCBEscola). The form is to enable participate in the trial session conducted for everyone that purchased the form where as only the best among you all would be selected and admitted into the academy. Therefore informationhood advice to start working your socks off and get to steady training as this is an opportunity you have been digging for.


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Further details will tell from your comments, for more assistant or details the comment box is free for you below to ask what ever you would want to know.

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  1. will there be any other payment after 13500 naira

    1. There is no noted payment except that of the registration form. But there might be some other payment but that when you must have entered the academy, such as ball, t-shirt, Jesse, transport from one place to the other, please note that this is just a guess as no other payment is stated by the academy.

      1. if yes I need info through my mail…or num ….08176180413

      2. ayaundu santos okpotolomo

        my name is ayaundu santos okpotolomo,i want to know whether they pay school fee and offer accomodation and also want to know whether they offer a university degree after graduation

        1. Do they offer coding courses and date of registration payment

  2. what are the documents required for the registration

  3. can I register on sep17 ? when is the expiring date to register? I nid ur take

    1. Iwant to be a bacerlona academy

  4. When is the trials starting what date and what time

  5. Can girls join?

  6. Pls when wil the trial start

  7. obinna nnadi junior

    Is your form still on?

  8. iz u form still on. I would love to purchase one

  9. is your form form still on?

  10. please is the form still on sale as this october and when is the trial.I need tips cause i live in KADUNA STATE.

  11. plz is d form still on

  12. My comment is I have tarlent for football and I don’t see pesin con hep me to employ me in football Academy in Legos stete Nigeria if you can hep me to employ me please contact me with this number 07038031858 or 09082286014 thenk you fo listing to comment

  13. My comment is I have tarlent for football and I don’t see pesin con hep me to employ me in football Academy in Legos stete Nigeria if you can hep me contact me at this number 07038031858 or 09082286014 thenk you to listing to my comment

  14. Pls ,I like to know if your form is still available and also what are the things that will qualify or disqualify a participant to gain true admission in to the school, contact me on 08068965122

    1. Please my name is Ahmed shadrach am from kogi state i would like to join the academy please tell me when the form for 2018 will be out

  15. Pls ,I like to know if your form is still available and also what are the things that will qualify or disqualify a participant to gain true admission in to the school, contact me on 08068965122

  16. please I need the contact of this academy.An email address.Thanks for your time.

  17. join our 12wks residential course @midtown football development & education centre contact us on 08142350014 or email us at

  18. please can still I apply and get a form now so I can be screened and join the academy .08062307003

  19. please when is the trail closing and am in delta state and i want to register how do i do that and know the actual time for the trail

  20. pls sir is the form still out? because I am coming to register next week at teslim balogun stadium with cash. pls tell me if I can come. this is my phone number 08077641181

  21. Pls what are the requirement for the registration and when is it closing(08035209037)

  22. is d form still on if yes reply me and tell me d requirements and things needed

  23. please any mobile contact available to make enquiries..? please I need number or email address

  24. Please I need to know when the form will expire, because I’ll like to participate 08096521939

  25. Nigeria, warri delta state udu local government area orhuwour town before the railway

  26. My name is Antony. I am 14 years old, I will wish to join the Barcelona football academy in Lagos, 2019.

  27. pls sir, when can I register a form, because I will like to partispate.

    1. My number is 08131903226.

  28. sir I we lyk 2 join too dis is my number 08138919299

  29. sir I we like to join too this is my number 08138919299

  30. I would love to join. I am a very good footballer. my number is 07058367265.

  31. sir am from benue state and i will like to join,just send me date for the next screening. this is my no 08119066817

  32. when will the form will be out i really want to joing and participate in the trial when will the form be out again in 2017

  33. Pls What Is The Age Requirement?

    1. am a good footballer and am 19years old,ireally want to join the club

  34. pls when will the form be out in 2017

  35. Please,i’d like to know when the next trail holds and if the form is still out.

  36. When will the form be out in 2017

  37. Do trails hold in April or all the time

  38. when will 2017 trial start I am interested though for my little brother 08035322196

  39. nnadi obinna junior

    please when is the form going to be on in 2017?

  40. nnadi obinna junior

    when is your next form going to be out in 2017?

  41. please wen wil the be out on 2017 becaus i realy wnt to register on time this is my number 08130540858

  42. please when wil the form be out on 2017

  43. please when wil the form be out on 2017 this is my number 08130540858

  44. plz any idea about the requirements as stated on the form

  45. when will the form for 2017 be out

  46. pls when will the form going to be out i really want to join

  47. Please I need a help ,they pick my son I need a sponsored for my son.his among the player that made it , FC Barcelona tryout.this my phone number 0906098328,

  48. Are you well talented in playing football or you want to join any club in
    Nigeria to take you to national and international level,
    We are presently recruiting players for clubs in England (Aston Villa,
    Tottenham, Westhampton, Newcastle United, Watford and Chelsea) Italy,
    Germany, Spain etc.
    This is your opportunity to join Zik football Academy (Zfa) to build you
    up, train you in a gland style and bring out the best in you. For more info
    call or whatsapp 08165709665 or

    1. Plzz Wen Will 2017 Form Be Out?I Rili Nid To Enroll O.08132775660,dats My Number

  49. can 19yrs too join?

  50. am ready to join please when will the form be out this is my number 07085580974

  51. when will the 2017 form will come please contact me through this number 07085580974

  52. Am Frank from Ghana, am finding it difficult to send the money, I can pay when I come there.I have the money with me, my number is +233553222546

  53. Plz when will 2017 form be out.. If it out plz contact me tru email or message or call me with 08087994997

    If my number off plz drop message will call back… Thanks…

  54. my name is godspower ndubuisi I play for South pool fc in Aba so I want to join this team please when will the 2017 form we be ready this is my number please try to reach me 08028608577.

  55. im a versatile left footed footballer n i wnt to join fcbescola, pls wen is the 2017 screenin date scheduled.hia is ma contact….08104308624

  56. pls when will the form be out for 2017 07017615985

  57. am kelvin okojie frm lagos,is the form available now because I want to go there on February 29’2017

    1. my number 08130749730

  58. I want to join fcbe scola this year 2017 please when the form is out please call me number is 09034441890

  59. Pls I would like to know when the form for 2017 tryout will be out…. I want enroll my younger brother. pls this is my number 08076006066. Thanks

  60. Pls I would like to know when the form for 2017 tryout will be out…. I want enroll my younger brother. pls this is my number 08076006066. Thanks

  61. Abdulsalami Mustapha

    l really want to join this year 2017 sir please l stay in Lagos I play 7and11 this is my contact sir for more details 09065046851 thanks.

  62. Iwu chibueze anthony

    Pls I would like to knw wen the form will be out.08080014472

    1. please I just saw it today please can you let me know when the next form is out please it is my life long dream to joint Barcelona: 08037015604

  63. I also want to join please notify me when the form is out agin

  64. Here is my number.08146225814. Please notify when the form is out.

  65. Fcbecola form. Call 08108034800 for help and enquieries. +2348108034800 coach chinedu. (Spanish ). Por la información para la Fc Barcelona fútbol académico o escuela llama este número de teléfono +2348108034800 yo no soy trabajo en la academia pero yo soy un hombre qué asistencio el futbolista

  66. i would like to know ehen the form is out this year ….09067420237

  67. Please Sir, Am Interested Just Let Me Know When The 2017 Form Will Be Out Please. Here Is My Contact 08168958168

  68. Emmanuel Chukwudi 08025422140

    please alert me if the form is ready

  69. Ayaundu Santos okpotolomo

    my name is ayaundu santos okpotolomo,I am from bayelsa and I want to join d academy pls inform me when the form is out .this is my email address Ayaundu@gmail. com

  70. pls notify me when the form will be out via text message pls , with this number 08164599427.

  71. Innocent A immanuel

    By God grace i will make it this year,this is number 09035398844


    By the grace of almighty God,i will be barcelona future and career player in life in jesus name”amen,am from ipole igwu orokam my name is nolontin

  73. This has always been my dream.
    please when will the 2017 form be out?
    I can defend well.
    please any idea about what the FORM will require? Because I want to come prepared.
    this is my number +2348148259873

  74. when will the 2017 form be out and do they sponsor their academy players to their youth club in spain?

  75. please Sir, I want to join if the 2017 form is out notify me sir thank you number is 08119615624

  76. wrn will 2017 registration form comes out.pls contact me went it is out.08178039439

  77. please notyfy me when the form is out my nu 09027068039

  78. Please if the 2017 form is out i need it please you can contact me through My Email please.

  79. Oladimeji Oluwatosin

    Is 2017 registration on already

  80. pls when the form is out for 2017 please notify me my number is 08185407294 .

  81. Please when the form is out notify me 08143580104 thank you

  82. when is the next registration form going to be out i would like to perticipate in the trial

  83. when would the 2017 trial start

  84. when will the 2017 trials begin?

  85. Look,, football is my life. Whatever it costs me i’m ready to render. Please whenever the form is ready at all cost i’m 100% ready. You can reach me at 09064249141 or wasap me at that same number. GOD BLESS YOU

  86. Thank you Barcelona, because this is an opportunity for me to fulfill my dream of becoming a great footballer please if the form is on sale ,please contact me through 07058645589 once the former is out

  87. Please when the form is out kindly inform me this is my phone number 09094952209 or 08077641181 I will be very greatfull thanks.

  88. i which to join fcbscolalagos pls sir heip me and i don’t live with my parent i just like football and am good number 07085789588 i need your heip and d form

  89. Pls notify me wen d form 4 2017 will be out..pls i really nid d form 07015671922

  90. I also want to join.Pls notify me when the form is out.Thanks

  91. I just want to ask if the registration is still on this year and is there a trainer that will train the children before the exam commences but i still have talent in football but i just want to know

  92. My name is covenant i realy want to join this academy because i beliv this academy will make me to acheive my dreams in live to become a greet footballer i thank does who brought this academy in ngria and also those working there i tank u all.ples i want to know when will the form be out by next year i want to be in the academy this is my numb i need information ples 08096800329 thank u.

  93. I need dis form for my son pls where can i have it 08064587571

  94. Pls I like to know from what age can we apply because my son is 10th years old

  95. Oladimeji Emmanuel

    I would like to join this football academy. I do have the football talent and would like to use it. My number is 08108712391.

  96. I plead on behalf of all.. Nigeria is a great nation an., is in need of players to serve it father land please notify me by this 09030847565 or my email when the form is out.thanks

  97. Pls I am ready to join.I am 14years of age.and this is my number 08074688923 or 08037204402.pls anytime the form is ready call or visit my email

  98. my name is Lawrence Adoche am fourteen years old .pls if the 20l7 form is out call me or visit my e-mail .I live in kano state and is the school a boarding number is 0708l784360

  99. So after you have been admitted, do you still have to pay.



  101. Hi FCBESCOLA,I want to know if your form I still on sale and again concerning the academy, I want to know if they pay school fee at the academy and if they do how much is the school fee? Here is my phone is number to get feedback from you (080391393374)

  102. Pls sir i want to join the 15yrs old and i’ve finished my secondary skul this year.pls when would the 2017 form b out,pls notify me sir.Pls Sir I Need It. my number 09075407943.

    1. i want to be on the team here is my number 08130749730 when form come out let me know

  103. ifeanyi princess ezinne

    I have a 6 years old daughter that I would like to register into the registration for kids the same #13,500.what and what is required and what no can I use to contact for further enquiry

  104. Can I buy the form this November 2017?.

  105. when will the new out and what required for the screening. please tell me.

  106. Nice what about, When the 2017/18 registration forms being offered ?

  107. Please is the form available for now for me to buy 08178223786,is my contact

  108. Pls when is 2018 registration

  109. Odinachi Henry Junior

    when 2018 registrtion form will be out my number 08122871515 pls i really want to join this year i am 18 years i await for your reply

  110. Pls I’ll like to b informed when 2018 registration will be ready I’m really talented

  111. Please sir my names are Charles Benjamin please when is the registration for this year please. 07045461724( 07056896166) my mum’s number thanks sir.

  112. please sir my name is emmanuel obere when is the registration for this year pleas my number is 09036343919

  113. My name is osarumwense terry I My dream is to become a footballer I really need uor help pls is the form out I want to join I love Barcelona my contact 08075749818 and 09024385262

  114. My name is Fabian Denis, i reside here in lagos. Please i will like you to inform me about when the registration for 2018 commences and when it will also end. My contact no. 08067203640, 08154567376 thanks in anticipation, i will be grateful if you can get back to us as soon as possible

  115. I am salihu kabir from funtua katsina state and i want to join you please, what and what are you in need please here is my mail address

  116. Am24 years old can I still enroll for the form
    If yes?

  117. Akinwunmi Ayobami

    i also want to join Barcelona academy i wish to become a footballer in future so when is d registration and wen will it expire

  118. I am above 18 but am good, I play very well… Can I still join?

  119. danjuma tairu muhammad

    my name is danjuma tairu muhammad plz i went 2 join my number is 09032076089

  120. my name is Raheem WARIS……..pls o want to join this is my number 07081831913


    my name is olorunniyi olaoluwa Richard I just want to know may be the academy form is still on becoz i’m from Kogi State

  122. my name is nwosu chikamso I am from Oko in orumba north local government area,anambra state am good in football I want to join the academy cause I want to be a professional footballer which am dreaming to be since my childhood please how can I get the form I really need to buy it. my number 09028119913 in case of any emergency please try and put me to call,thanks and remain bless.

  123. My name is ThankGod dream is to become a footballer. kindly let me know the training program to enable me program my studies.
    I am 14 years and in parents are ready to support my foot ball career and I really want to play football

  124. my name is Eddy,please I just need an opportunity for trial,I’ll be so happy if my wish is granted,thanks



  125. please I just need an opportunity for me to show out what I’m made of,thanks

  126. can 22 years still qualified to buy the form?

  127. olalekan Awodire

    Hi, my name is Olalekan Awodire is there any accommodation after payment? If yes or No pls reply me on this number 07037805811 tnx.

  128. Iwaluwa olvwatobi

    when wil 2018 form wil be out i realy nid it dat my dream

  129. When is the 2018 form coming out pls I need to join this academy

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