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The Reverse ATM Hoax


If you are being robbed as you withdraw cash from an ATM (or are forced to against your will), do not fight back. Simply input your PIN code in reverse – for example, dial 4321 instead of 1234. As you do this, the ATM will secretly alert the police and make the machine appear to […]


This is no doubt one of the best investment options in Nigeria that have very little or no risk. Though it doesn’t have much interest rate in terms of high outcome. Treasury Bills are short term investment opportunities issued out by the Nigerian government through the central bank for the purpose of short term funding […]

Save your money through digital ALAT goals in wema bank

About 13,267 people have been able to save 7 billion naira having an average monthly saving of 1 billion naira due to WEMA bank place digital ALAT goals that was launched a year ago.   Wema bank discovered that insufficient income was not the greatest draw back to effective saving, During the statement in  announcing […]

How to make money with diamond bank with GEMZONE

Diamond bank

Sailat Olatunbosun of Sufad Ventures who is one of the marchant in diamond bank explained how she has been making money from GEMZONE. She joined Diamond Bank in the year 2014. According to her , her credit card was given to her but I didn’t use it in that  first year when she joined them […]


There are two main types of cards, debit cards, and credit cards. Credit cards allow the holder to make purchases on credit, whereas the debit visa card holder needs to have the amount plus some transaction fee in his or her account to be able to make any payment using the debit card. As the […]

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