Bamboo in Nigeria: Where to Get Large Quantity Amount

On this place i want to share with you where you can get a large amount of bamboo in Nigeria. as you may already know, Nigeria is a blessed country with bamboo, unlike some countries like India China etc that farm bamboo. Previously one of our author wrote about how to start bamboo business in Nigeria which you can read here. On this article i want to show you where you can buy bamboo in large quantity in Nigeria without having to start farming bamboo.

bamboo in nigeria

Where to Get Large Quantity Bamboo in Nigeria

Currently bamboo in Nigeria is becoming high demand in popular cities such as Lagos, Abuja, Ph etc, this is because bamboos in Nigeria are used for building scaffolding on build high storys building just as you can see on the photo below.

Bamboo building storys scaffolding

In Nigeria there are some location, villages and communities who do not know the value of bamboo and most of the people burn down the plantation in order to farm cassava and some other crops. Start farming bamboo could be a whole lot of stress so the best advice is take good advantages of the already existing bamboo that they are not making use of.

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For those who have interest in farming bamboo. This is a crop that will take years of up to 6 years to germinate with a whole lot of watering stress day and night according this article from regarding bamboo planting and growth.

Time to proceed to where to buy bamboo in larger quantity in Nigeria. To get bamboo at a larger quantity in Nigeria. Go to villages that have high level of bamboo that has no use for them. There are lot of this crop in Delta villages and they have no use for them. As we discuss there are busy burning down this plantation in order for them to farm their crops. Places like Isoko, Urhobo, Ijaw are the best places to consider for the matured of this crop.

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To archive this, you need to sign a contract deal with someone from the community in order to enable you have them as you can’t just go to someone villages and start harvesting their bamboo. Even if they don’t have used for it, they may find that you need it and could start selling them to you at a high cost.

If you need huge amount of bamboo and you are ready to go transport them from delta to any part of Nigeria you are, you can make a deal with us so we pick up the contract for you and provide you any amount bamboo you want within a short period of time. You can reach us on 08059844173.

Note you will be the one to take care of the transportation to your location.

You would also want to get in contact with your villages if you can get huge amount of this crop there.

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How to make money from bamboo business? Well there are lot of ways to make money from bamboo business in Nigeria and one of them is by exporting bamboo outside Nigeria to the neighboring countries. You can rent a big space in a new developing location where there are still building houses in township where is item is not close by such as city like Lagos Abuja etc. People building scaffolder for high storys buildings will be buying from you at a good price rate even for as high as N1,000 naira per bamboo. For big project of building, they will be needing over 700 – 1k pcs of bamboo. If you should calculate that, it’s a huge amount of money.

This is where to get Large quantity bamboo in Nigeria. The comment box is open below for questions and contribution to this article.


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