Animals and their sense of reasoning.

I’m not a lover of animals neither do I like keeping pets. I’ve always detested animals most especially cats and dogs. I hate to see cats around me, you know this Nigerian beliefs that witches use cats for witchcraft and for attack, this is part of the notion that I’ve about cats. I hate to look them in their eyes, I find their eyes scary. For dogs, I dislike dogs because of how it sniffs at people though I understand the reason why it’s does that. I prefer to rear fowls to dogs and cats even though that they’re all domestic animals and have its uses.

Also, I know that cats chase away mice from every corner of the house, it devours on it while dogs chase away unwanted strangers and it alerts its owners of any impending dangers or any suspicious movements around its vicinity. I also know that dogs can be caring depending on how the owner treats it. I also know that dogs have this reasoning of understanding things going around it.

In as much that I don’t like dogs but I admire its reasoning. There’s this dog in my compound called “German”, it’s a female dog, hairy and friendly. I noticed that when it sees a new person in our compound, its sniff tells it that this is a new person. I also noticed that it’ll lurk around that person to show that you’re not a member of this place. Sometimes, it barks, to alert we the members that there’s a new person until someone comes to identify with the person, this is when it’ll stop.

Just as humans love attention and care, this is how dogs love and crave for such, I’ve also noticed that dogs love to be played with while it concurs by wiggling its tail at you. This I know shows that it approves your touch. But, there is this belief that people have about dogs, I don’t know if I should tag it as “misconception”, anyone that’s promiscuous is regarded and called a “dog”.

When a dog is barking continuously and aggressively, when someone comes to know what is happening to it. It will minimise it’s bark but it expresses itself by moving around aggressively and its barks, it stops the moment you touch its head in a loving way, this act calms it down and make it feels loved. Looking at it, you’ll notice a sense of approval on its face.

Do you also know that dogs don’t eat any kind of food? I mean that dogs don’t eat anyhow foods, it has its own food aside bones. Dogs, don’t eat soured food. Dogs also have sex and also feel horny. When a dog is in its period, and it’s not chain, it’ll leave to go search for an opposite sex mate to meet with it. Dogs love sex a lot.

This is my observation about dogs. I’ll still research more about dogs.

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