Akinwunmi’s and his son died in a fire Accident


Akinwunmi’s corpse and that of his son were found at the entrance of his office.

The fire accident was caused due to an Air conditioner that was faulty. The air conditioner was in a boutique in that complex. The owner of the air conditioner had travel and left his boys to handle to affairs of the shop. The boys had the air conditioner on before closing the shop. Due to the he fact that no one was inside the boutique, it was difficult for any one to enter the boutique and quench the fire.

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Akinwunmi's and his son died

An eye-witness, wasiu hamsat said it all started around 5 am, when he heard a loud noise. People we’re shouting that a building has gone ablaze.

The fire service were called but unfortunately they did not show up. This made people  break into the shop to help those in the building. But it was too late as they were already dead.

The smoke killed the journalist and his son as the fire did not get to them.

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Akinwunmi decided to sleep in the shop due to traffic, no one knew he slept in the shop.

The corps,  has taken to a morgue. The Lagos state police  relations officer said , a call was placed on the 9th of september 2018 to the police control room that a shopping complex in Awolowo way ikeja was burning. One of the complex was completely burnt.

5o year old Akinwumi and his 10 years old son could not survive the smoke , they died due to the smoke as their body was not burnt by the fire.

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Lessons should be learnt from Akinwunmi’s death. Nigerian take things too likely, when they have a faulty property they still go ahead to make use of it. They call it management.” Make I managed am”. This is the language Nigerians understand.

All appliances not in use should be off and those faulty should not be used.



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