Agege Hospitals and Medical Centers

This are list of hospitals in Agege Lagos, these article contained list of hospitals in agege both government hospital and private agege hospitals. The operate as the best medical center in Agege, we also included their numbers so you can easily contact any of them for inquires.

List of Hospitals in Agege

List of Hospital in Agege, Lagos 

May Flower Clinics Hospital
Category: Doctors, Hospitals
Contact Person: Dr Okorejior K. Edison
May Flower Clinics Hospital Address: 43 ,College Road, Ifako, Agege, Lagos, Nigeria
May Flower Clinics Hospital Phone Number: 08023199616

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Peve Dental Clinic
Category: Dentists / Orthodontist, Hospitals
Contact Person: Eshikena Omoshibo E.
Peve Dental Clinic Address: Block B, Suite 36 ,Primaltek Plaza, Pencinema, Agege, Lagos Nigeria

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Lanmark: opp agege motor park
Peve Dental Clinic Phone Number: 08054243816

Bankole Medical Centre
Category: Child Specialist / Paediatrics, Healthcare, Hospitals
Bankole Medical Centre Address: 3 ,Ajigbotinu,Agege , , Pero, Agege, Lagos, Nigeria
Lanmark: Close to Guiness Nigeria Plc
Bankole Medical Centre Email:
Bankole Medical Centre Phone Number: 08033016630

Rekky Hospital
Category: Hospitals
Contact Person: Dr Onaolapo
Rekky Hospital Address: 24 ,Abolore street, Agege, Lagos, Nigeria
Lanmark: Near Ogba
Rekky Hospital Phone Number: 08023100632

DLW Medical Centre
Category: Hospitals, Maternity Homes
Contact Person: Funmi (Matron In Charge)
DLW Medical Centre Address: 35 ,35,Shiaba street, Pen Cimena, Agege, Lagos, Nigeria
Lanmark: Aja 2 Bus Stop
DLW Medical Centre Email:
DLW Medical Centre Phone Number: 08030400532

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Get Well Specialist Hospital
Category: Hospitals, Maternity Homes, Pharmacy
Contact Person: Dr Otegbeye
Get Well Specialist Hospital Address: 51 ,Old Abeokuta Road, Agege, Lagos, Nigeria
Lanmark: Beside Zenith Bank
Get Well Specialist Hospital Email:
Get Well Specialist Hospital Phone Number: 08060805007

Sarvictory Nursing Home
Category: Clinics, Diagnostic Centres
Contact Person: Mrs. Comfort
Sarvictory Nursing Home Address: 37 ,Alowonle Street, Dopemu, Agege, Lagos, Nigeria
Sarvictory Nursing Home Phone Number: 08023328788

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Orile Agege General Hospital
Category: Hospitals
Contact Person: Dr Odubiyi
Orile Agege General Hospital Address: Old Otta Road, Orile Agege, Agege, Lagos, Nigeria
Orile Agege General Hospital Phone Number: 08023229326

Molayo Medical Centre
Category: Hospitals
Contact Person: Oleyede
Molayo Medical Centre Address: 20 ,Akinleye Street, Orile, Agege, Lagos, Nigeria
Molayo Medical Centre Phone Number: 08023293261

Abaya Herbal Centre
Category: Clinics
Abaya Herbal Centre Address: 171 ,Ekerin Oja, Agege, Lagos, Nigeria
Lanmark: Close To Isoko Police Station
Abaya Herbal Centre Email:
Abaya Herbal Centre Phone Number: 08023034556

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