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Welcome to agbarho community in Delta state Nigeria information page. On this page you going to learn a lot about the community such as how it all begin and the current status of the community which also include the ruler and what happening there in this community.

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Agbarho is one of the community very close to warri. The community is in between Warri and Ughelli just few minutes drive from pti. Agbarho is an Urhobo community whoed mainly speaking dialect is Urhobo. The community is a very unique community and farming activities is one of the source of the income of the people of agbarho however the community have developed to it very best.

Agbaro Delta State History

Agbarho is a town in the Ughelli North LGA of Delta State, Nigeria, and is located near the city of Warri. The Urhobo are the main tribes living within this area. They have a ruler who leads the whole of Agbarbo community named “The Osuivie of Agbarho Kingdom”.

The Agbarho Kingdom in Ughelli North L.G.A. of Delta State is made up of two complimentary and sometimes competitive sub-clans, Awvedjan and Okparegbe sub-clans. The Awvedjan contains of Orhokpokpo, Oguname, Ohrerhe, Uvwiama, Uvwiamuge, Oviri, Oghara, Okorophan and Okufuoma. The Okaregbe sub-clan consists of Ehwerhe, Ikweghwu, Ughwrughelli, Ophori, Ekrerhavwe, Okan and Okorehavwe.

Agbarho kingdom

Agbarho maintained below details.

Agbarho landmark
Latitude:   5.5856         Lat (DMS)                 5° 35′ 8N
Longitude: 5.8604        Long (DMS)             5° 51′ 37E
Elevation (Feet): 111
Population Est.:  32,029
agbaro zipcode:  43251  

There are various versions of oral traditions of Agbarho origin. The compromise version however states that the children of Agbarho left Benin with their father during the terrible reign of the Ogisos with other Urhobo ethnic groups and lived temporarily in different places including some-where Ase district (near the river) before coming to settle in Orho-Agbarho (the main town of Agbarho) several centuries ago.

The book entitled, “The Urhobo people” edited by Onigu Otite (page 195) described the old city of Agbarho as “Big and Prosperous and by coordinating the various dialects of Urhobo today.

According to Professor Onigu  Otite “The old city of Agbarho existed for many years and geographically it stands more or less in the very centre of Urhobo land, a suitable centre where East and West meet”. 

This old city of Orho-Agbarho was later destroyed and deserted by internal strife, which made it broke up into its present many other towns of Agbarho of the present day. This desertion was however not permanent.

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Before 1900 Agbarho people started trickling back but necessarily to their former compounds. The traditional history of the Agbarho Kingdom closely corroborates that of the origin of the Agbarho people.

After a spell of gerontocrates rule (rule by tile elders) at the central level in Agbarho, title holders called Ehovwore (singular Ohovwore) or chiefs were drawn from each town to rule the community at the centre. At the head of these chiefs was the OSUIVIE the KING and the leader of the rulers.

Agbarho is made up of 16 towns and villages with the headquarters at Orho-Agbarho with the population of about 500,000 peoples.

Current Situations of the community – Agbarho

Currently things looks better in the community, though no water there is light connected to the community however power supply is still very poor.

There is good road in agbarho and the community market is in good condition’s. Recently scammers known yahoo boys are more likely seen in the community where as some of them are not just considered yahoo boys but ritualists.

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