9mobile: How to fix no network issues

Are you a 9mobile customer? Are you experiencing network problem recently? If that is the case, you are not alone. So many complaints has been hitting the ground hardly regarding poor network service on different locations.

Fix network issues

How to fix no network issue on 9mobile

The good thing is that you can help have the network problem ease on your location with some little things to do on your phone.

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Below let see what you need to do if you find that your 9mobile line has no network either for calls or browsing.

Step 1. Restart your phone

Most cases restarting your phone could help a lot especially if you move to a new location and cookies hasn’t digest or cleared. Just try to restart your phone and if it work “good luck” if not try other steps below.

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Step 2. Search for available network

sometimes when you are in location which network is poor or no network mads there, you will discover that you will automatically run out of network. At the point you need to search for availability network manually. To do this go to mobile network under your phone settings and search for network manually. When available network area that location show, then look for any 9mobile available network such as 2G,  3G and click on your preferred network  but it must be 9mobile.

Step 3. Change your preferred network to auto

Many of us set our preferred network to 3G or 4G only due to the reason that you want to browse and want our network to load web page faster. If you this happen  you will discover some issues with your network when you are in a location that your preferred network is not available. ( I.E If I set my phone preferred network to 4G only and visited a location where this is o 4g, there won’t be network on my phone till I put it to auto). All you need to do is going to your preferred network under your phone settings and turn it to auto then search available network as stated on step 2.

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Step 4. Call 9mobile customer care to check if your phone or sim is the cause of your network problem

As you may have experience, some photos E has low network capacity and can’t detect and use network as it suppose to have done. This warrant you staying only on a good network location to be able to use your 9mobile sim, or get another phone, but how do you know the phone is from your phone, sim or not? At this point you need to contact 9mobile customer care service.

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Contact 9mobile customer care number here

Use the step above to solve your network issue. We hope this post is helpful ad will help you solve your 9mobile network problem. If this work for you then good luck.

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  2. They are the most annoying network of the moment, since they Change Etisalat to 9 Mobile there has been a lot of problem for them. I hope they change oooh

  3. When will the network issues be resolved??My sub has wasted for nothing,it’s not fair.

  4. Orji Uchenna Iloakazi

    No 9mobile network at all on my fone for two days now. I’ve done all the instructions given and still no network. What must I do cos am missing all my clients. Pls

  5. Requests for account balance, and data balance are never responded to. All i see is ‘you have sent an used message’. Please resolve.

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