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Since Bicycles do not look Special what is Wonderful about it & how to learn it

  • 4 years ago
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how to learn a bicycle

Bicycles are very special but so many people looks down on bicycle, they thoughts they are only met for kids or sports, why are there so many cars on the road? you can get wet and cold while riding a bicycle and they cannot go as fast as cars so i do not see anything special or wonderful about them? these are some of the reason why so many people look bicycles common.

how to learn a bicycles

Why Bicycles is Still Wonderful

Yes all of these things are true but if you must know bicycle are clean,they do not use gas or petrol to get you from one place to another, they do not pollute the air like cars and truck do.

Bicycles do not make noise the only sound you will hear while riding a bicycle will be that of the wind in your ears, you can zoom down a hill on a bike or you can race across flat ground while riding them as for me that  fun.

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Bicycles are good for you they give you lots of exercise, they can make you feel great it is safer in riding them than cars when it comes to accident.

How To Ride a Bicycle

A bicycle is a vehicle composed of two wheels of the same size, a seat, propelled by pedals and steered with handlebars attached to the front wheel, a chain, and gears.

Here are some things you most have in mind before learning a bicycle


you will have to make up your mind that no matter what happen you will not give up. it is almost impossible to perfect bicycle without sustaining any injuring.

Let an expert guide you

You definitely need an expert to guide you at the beginning the person will be responsible by holding the bicycle for you while climbing it the person will still be responsible in pushing the bicycle while you are on top of it, him will also guide you on how you will be controlling your legs.

Always look at the front while riding a bicycle

Looking at the front while you are on top of a bicycle is very important it will let you know if you are the right way. most learners look at the bicycle pedals which is wrong.

Always learn until you becomes perfect that is my advise for you do not say that because you fell off the bicycle the other day you will stop to learn, do not stop in a half way do not give up bicycle is full of fun try it out.

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Hi!! i'm Faith Alabi, i am much glad to be among infomationhood team. I'm a writer, bead maker and a fast learner. I'm just contributing my little effort to help one or two person's. Thanks.. love you.

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