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How to Book Peace Mass Transit Motors Ticket Online and Offline

  • 10 months ago
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Peace Mass Transit Motors how to book

This post is mainly to show you how to book “Peace Mass Transit Motors Online and Offline”. Planing a travel soon and want to travel though Peace Mass Transit? On this article let’s show you how you can book your ticket either before the trip day or the very trip day.

Peace Mass Transit Motors how to book

Peace Mass Transit is one of the best travel to use in Nigeria. They have branches in almost every city in the country with good vehicles. Their driver are known to be responsible and kind to passengers as well.

If planning a road trip you could consider riding with peace motors. Another thing with Peace Motors is that they offer quality service at affordable price, they are known for one of the good transportation service in Nigeria with low price. A trip with them will not be a mistake. As stated on their platform they have a mission of providing an affordable and reliable transport system, and vision to use all available resources to become the largest and most efficient road.

Requirements for Booking Peace Mass Transit Motors Online

  • Phone Number
  • Next of kin phone number
  • Email address. (If you don’t have an email you can create one for free at

How to Book Peace Mass Transit Motors Online

The process of booking your ticket online is very easy and can be done with your smart phone right in your office or home. Follow steps below to book Peace Motors ticket online.

1. Visit peace motors official booking website You will see a page that look like the photo below.

Peace Mass Transit

Select your current location and branch you would want to book your ticket. On the next field select where you are travelling to, as well select travelling date, this is the date you want to book your travel on, (Be sure you have planned your travel very well). And then click the human verification reCAPTCHA to verify you are not a robot and then click on the “Find Bus” button.

2. You will be taking to a page that look like the photo below were all available buses and their departure time will be listed. Look for the bus that match your travelling time and click on “Pick Seat” button.

3. The next page that will show up, it looks like the photo below.

Peace mass Transit Motors OnlineThis page require to pick a seat. Available seats will show white while booked seats shows red. Pick any available seat of your choice by click on the seat and hit “Continue” button at the bottom. If you would want to hire the bus just tick on the “Book All Available Seats” check box.

4. Your next page will look like the photo below Peace mass motors onlineThis page requires you to enter your personal details such as your names, phone number, next of kin phone number and your email address as stated before. Enter your details and click “Preview” button at the bottom.

5. If the details entered are correct you will be taking to a page that look just like the photo below. This page show you your booking summary. You are required to review your booking details to be sure there is no error. If there is an error click “Edit” button, if you are ok then click on the “Make Payment” button at bottom.

How to book peace motors

6. When you click on make payment you will be redirected to webpay interswitchng were you need to make your payment.

Peace mass transit motors online booking

The booking fee will be shown to you in bold.

How to Pay

Skip the login process by screwing down to a box that said “Select your card type”. Tick it and select which card you want to pay with. Enter your card details as required and click “Pay“.

If successful you will be taking back to success page on Peace Mass Transit website. Congrats you just booked your ticket successfully, just get your luggage set and be ready for your trip. Ticket i’d will be sent to your email.

Now that you have booked your ticket online, ain’t you going to confirm to be sure your ticket is really booked? I guess you would want to. Now go back to and click “Verify Booking” if you are browsing the site with phone will find it under the drop down icon on the right. Enter your booking i’d and your phone number then click “View Booking” button. Your booking details will be shown to you.

Benefits of Booking Peace Mass Motors Online

  • Book for someone you don’t want to send money to
  • Secure your choice seat
  • Booking a day or more ahead your travel date

How to Book Peace Mass Motors Offline

Another means of booking Peace Mass Motors is going to their park and book offline.

This process required you to visit the nearest Peace Mass Transit terminal which you would want to book your travel from.

Visit Peace Mass Transit Motors Pack (check address and phone number of peace mass motors closer to you here).

Go to the receptionist and book your ticket. If you are not travelling that very day you could ask them if possible you can book ticket for the next day or more.

Benefits of Booking Peace Transit Motors Ticket Offline

  • It gives you physical booking ticket.

Does Peace Mass Transit Motors Has A.C (air condition) And How Comfortably Are They?

If you wanted to ask this question, the answer is ‘YES‘. All of their buses has Air Condition (AC) and they are turned on all during their travelling time. Their buses are as well 95% comfortable with good relaxing space.

What time Do Peace Mass Transit Open 

Peace Mass Transit open by 4am in the morning and their buses start moving from 5:30am.

This is the complete process how to book peace mass transit motors ticket online and offline.

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