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Best Hospital to Register Antenatal in Lagos Nigeria

  • 4 years ago
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Best hospital to register antenatal in Nigeria

This post met share idea of best hospital to register antenatal in Nigeria. First we want to welcome you to this post with a warm congratulation on your baby expectation. It good you are in search of wonderful tips to avoid making mistakes. Soon you will become a mum or dad, don’t forget to invite us when time comes. On this article we want to look at the best hospital to register antenatal in Lagos State Nigeria.

Best hospital to register antenatal in Nigeria

Most of the time the people that search or ask this kind of question is first time mum. Any way we have an idea hospital you will find very helpful if not now then later.

Since you are now pregnant it very important to take care of the baby’s health and that of yours. There are many hospitals in Lagos which include government and private.

Best Hospital to Register Antenatal in Lagos

You or your husband may not like the idea but it’s definitely the best idea anyone who have had baby before will suggest for you.

The best hospital to register antenatal in Lagos Nigeria is Government Hospital know as General hospital. Yes.

Did we just break your heart or had you thinking? To make you feel better and for proper care of your baby, please consider Government Hospital as first choice for anyone who is on her new age to come.

Private hospitals might be eye-catching but definitely not the best choice. Talking from experience i would want to share my experience with you if time permits.

In 2016 when I was pregnant, all neighbor’s recommend Government hospital for me but my husband look down on Government things and disregard all advice and insisted we will not go with government Hospital. We registered at a private hospital closer to us. Time after time i was attending my antenatal, anytime i wanted run scan they redirect my to somewhere else. At my 7th month my legs got swell, they told me it normal, at the end of 8th month it become worse, they told me not to worry that everything is ok.

A week later I started seeing water coming from my body, I meet with my doctor and explained to her, she told me to go for scan, I went for the scan and they said the baby water bag is fully already and it not supposed to be so, my private hospital doctor said the only solution now is Caesarean section and it need to be conducted the next day with the price of N175,000 Naira

The evening of that same day things was very critic, so my friend fuse me to Ifako General Hospital, reaching there they immediately conduct scan for me, and guess what, the doctor said there is problem and I needed to be put to delivery immediately or there will be the serious problem. Drip was giving to me immediately with some drog puch to my body. Labour pain came just after 4 hours which last over 1 hours, the  i gave birth. It was terrible experience, my private hospital made the mistake from beginning for not taking care of thins properly. I have as well heard from so many people that private hospitals specialised of C-section commonly called operaton all to make more money. This people can risk your life in order to get more money.

What are mine trying to tell you? ( apart from their act of making more money from C-section there also private hospitals also lack latest facilities and expertise. While government Hospital have enough this things and doctors.

Conclusion: Though governance hospital are affordable and have top-level facilities with experts, most of general hospital doctors and some of their other workers are very aggressive. Their mood of over looking problem is really high beyond managing. Therefore if you have money and can afford the best private hospital, private hospitals is still recommendable because you will be treated properly with good care. Private hospital will lesting to your complain by 98% while general hospital is just by 10%.

Before you register with any private hospital, be sure that they don’t recommend C-Section (Operation) for their women, because this is how most of this private hospital make their money. Find out the background of the hospital by asking those that have given birth there.

This is our idea about the best hospital to register antenatal in Nigeria.

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Hi!! i'm Faith Alabi, i am much glad to be among infomationhood team. I'm a writer, bead maker and a fast learner. I'm just contributing my little effort to help one or two person's. Thanks.. love you.

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