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5 Places to Buy Original Gionee Phone in Nigeria

Gionee phone in Nigerua

Gionee phone is now the leading phone brand in Nigeria. With their amazing picture quality and long lasting battery including lovely shape, it no doubt that every Nigeria would want to have a taste of gionee this time.

Gionee phone in Nigerua

From our research we find out that Gionee was founded in September 2002 by Liu Rong. They explained itbon their website that it’s a high-tech enterprise that focuses on R&D, production and sale of cellular mobile devices. Not stopping there, In 2005, Gionee obtained the GSM and CDMA mobile phone production license.

In 2011, Gionee achieved an overall market share of 7.2% and GSM market share of 11.2%. These accolades put Gionee in the third place in the overall cellular market, and in the first place in terms of the domestic market.

Since 2011, Gionee has grown rapidly, expanding its presence in countries including India, Nigeria, Vietnam, Taiwan, Myanmar, Thailand and Philippines. Gionee products are currently on sale in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Russia, Middle East and Africa, with exports reaching 1 million phones per month for the overseas markets.

As we speak Gionee has the most selling phones in Nigeria. The latest Gionee M5, M6 and M6 mirror hit the ground so hard that every talk of phone is about them.

Places to Buy Original Gionee Phone in Nigeria

On this post let’s find out where one can buy original Gionee phone in Nigeria.

There are thousands of outlets and online stores selling gionee phone, and on this post we will point out some places.

1. Buy directly from Gionee Office

Gionee office are located in almost every city in Nigeria. Their sales center are mostly find in shopping mails and plazas. If you wish to contact gionee for their nearest office use this number or 08175240616 Service email:

2. Buy Gionee Phone from Slot Nigeria

Visit the nearest slot and request for your choice Gionee phone. Slot is located in every city of Nigeria. Check out Slot office closer to you here.

3. Buy Gionee From Jumia 

Jumia is an online store in Nigeria, were you can order any Gionee Phone online and have it delIver to your door step. The good thing is that you paid only when you see your phone.

Check Jumia

4. Buy Gionee Phone From Konga is another trusted online store that deAl on all kinds of electronics and phone gadgets. You will be able to get hold of original Gionee phone when order from The good thing is that they also have pay on delivery package which enables you to only pay when you see the phone.

Check Konga

5. Buy Gionee Phone From Good Phone Dealers

Walk outside your house to visit the nearest phone delears. You will be able to buy original Gionee phone from any good phone dealer outlet.

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