5 Simple Ways to get Bitcoin for Free in Nigeria

Bitcoin is an online currency that allow you to save online. Bitcon has no physical account and con not be withdraw or stolen. And now bitcoin is accepted on many ecommerce website which is to say it growing speedily. Learn more about Bitcoin and how to start here.

How to get free bitcoin

Follow the steps below to get your Bitcoin in the simplest way, using your Telegram app:

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STEP 1: Download Telegram app on your phone or Tablet or Laptop or Desktop.

STEP 2: Open your Telegram app, get Bitcoin every hour, free of efforts at this link:

STEP 3: To start, type slash start (/start).

STEP 4: To check your account to see how much Bitcoin is in your account, click on
“Account” icon or simply type “Account” every hour or anytime you want to check
your balance.

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STEP 5: Clicks see evidence of payout, click on “Proof” icon or type “Proof” to see
recent Payouts.

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Updated: August 18, 2018 — 6:03 am

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