5 Easiest Ways to Send Money From US to Nigeria

Hello friend, welcome to Omozar page on informationhood. This is one of our first post we are posting here after we heard the good work informationhood is doing in the area of proper information passing we have decided to join the platform for good. On this post we want to share with any one who have interest and searching for easy and reliable means to send money from the United state to Nigeria. Before now the  it really hard to forward money from the US to Nigeria, as the most common and only known means was western union and money gram. This two service are quite okay but takes some process and days to cash the money here though they’ve improve their services over the years and can say they’re doing well now but there’s more efficient and easier way to handle the process of sending money to Nigeria from US. below we’ll show you each and how to use it.

The United States of America is the world’s largest source of international remittances, and Nigeria is among the largest recipients of such remittances. In 2021, the value of remittances from the United States to Nigeria was an estimated $18 billion, and over $106 billion in the last five years. These remittances contribute immensely to the household income of Nigerians. This article explains various ways to send money from the United States of America to Nigeria.

These are the different ways to send money from the United States to Nigeria:

1. Western Union

Westy great means of receiving money from all over the world not just US. Western Union has upgraded security and service time to serve customer better and faster. For years this has been the most quickest way of receiving money from United State.  Western Union have even upgraded their service the the extend that someone can send money directly to your bank account in Nigeria and it goes straight to your account if you’re using First Bank, GTB or Access Bank. With the western union new technology, even the sender do not need to go to any bank to wire money to Nigeria. With just a mobile phone and internet connection the sender can easily send money from their phone to you and it arrives immediately.  Tracking option is also made available for none account transfer and you can cash out at any Western Union agent office mostly find in all banks of Nigeria. You can get Western Union app from Google Playstore and apple store easily. You can send more than $50,000 to Nigeria through Western Union safe and secure.

Westerns Charges

It all depends how much you’re sending to Nigeria. You’ll be charged by %. No accurate fee for western union transfer. To find out, download the app and put the amount you wish to send, you’ll be shown the charges for the transaction. 


WorldRemit is a way to send money from the United States to Nigeria and offers several options including cash pickup, international wire transfer, mobile wallet and airtime top up. With thousands of local WorldRemit partner networks around the globe serving as a hub for payments between the customer and WorldRemit, the cash pickup option allows people to send money from the U.S. to Nigeria. For cash pickup, the sender needs an identification document, i.e., a government-issued document that is current, unique and legible, as well as the sender’s personal information, the recipient’s full name that matches their identification document, the recipient’s account information, i.e., account name and number, and the amount to be transferred. 

After verification, payment is the next step to complete the transaction. During this process, the sender is informed of the transaction fee, the exchange rate and the amount to be paid in Naira. It usually takes an average of 3 minutes for the recipient to receive the money at a supported location within WorldRemit’s local partner network. 

Once the payment is available, the recipient in Nigeria will receive a transaction reference via SMS to collect the money, as well as a valid ID with the recipient’s full name provided in the transaction and a photo. Express Union, WafaCash, Credit Populaire, United Bank for Africa (UBA) and Express Exchange have supported cash pickup partners in Nigeria.

Then there is the option of international bank transfer, which can be done conveniently from any smartphone, tablet or computer. This requires creating a WorldRemit account on the website or application platform. After successfully creating an account with WorldRemit, sending money all over the world with this option is a breeze.

To send money, log into the created WorldRemit account, select Nigeria as the country you want to send money to, and enter the amount you want to send in the corresponding field. Next, you need to provide the recipient’s details in Nigeria, such as full name, address, phone number, account number and BIC/SWIFT code. The Bank Identification Number (BIC) or SWIFT code is used to confirm the exact bank to which the money should go. It can be determined using an online BIC/SWIFT code finder. To complete the transaction, the sender can make the payment using one of the following payment methods: Checking Account, Debit, Prepaid or Credit Card, Apple Pay, Trusty, Mobile Money, Klarna and iDEAL. Before confirming the payment, the fees charged by WorldRemit are displayed, as well as the exchange rate and the amount to be received in Naira. 

The speed of transactions is instantaneous. The following Nigerian banks are authorized to receive funds from WorldRemit: Zenith Bank, Union Bank (now Titan Trust Bank), Polaris Bank, Access Bank, First Bank, United Bank for Africa (UBA), and Guarantee Trust Company (GTCO)


Money can be sent to Nigeria from Nigeria using MoneyGram, either online or in person. Sending money online through the MoneyGram website or mobile app is easy. Before a transaction can be made, the sender must create an account with MoneyGram in the U.S., which is free and only takes a few minutes. After successful account creation via the mobile app or MoneyGram website, the sender should log in to the MoneyGram portal and select a recipient, for which they need to provide full details and a description of the recipient, as well as the amount to be sent and the payment method. In the next step, the sender selects the desired option for payment, i.e. debit card, prepaid card, credit card or bank account. The confirmation process allows for verification of the information provided and shows the transaction fee incurred. The final step is then sending the money by clicking the Send button. The transaction is completed as soon as possible, as the recipient in Nigeria would receive the money within a few minutes.


Xoom provides the ability to send money from the United States to anywhere in the world using a cell phone, tablet or computer. The following are the steps required to send money from the United States to Nigeria. First, you need to sign up for a free account with Xoom. After setting up the account, the next step is to log in to the Xoom portal, either through the Xoom app or the website, and select the transfer options, specifying the name and country of the recipient, in this case Nigeria, as well as the amount to be sent and the delivery method. The delivery methods used by Xoom include cash pickup, bank deposit and door-to-door delivery. In the third step, you enter the recipient’s information, such as the recipient’s full name, address, the name of the recipient’s bank, and the account number. Then you enter the payment information, either a checking account, debit or credit card. The next step before completing the transaction is to verify the information provided and then confirm the transfer. The processing fee that Xoom charges for each transaction varies: $4.99 for using a bank account and $15.49 for using a credit or debit card.

(Bonus Option)

5. Chipper Cash

Chipper Cash is another fast and secure way to send money to Nigeria. Chipper Cash has help so many people in sending money to Nigeria and other Africa countries. The process is not too easy as you may be asked to verify a lot of documents including your identity several times and your account might still get locked is the robot suspect anything. A lot of people complained that their account got locked during withdrawal, this is due to security maintenance to help them secure users fund and to ensure users are not scammed or duped of their money. Chipper Cash help in fund protection as much as they could however users see’s this as delay to their money. Another thing is that chipper cash exchange rate is not too fair however they might adjust in the future. Chipper cash also help in saving crypto. For the bad review with this company, we’ll advice you only use this option if any of the above listed options didn’t work for you. chipper cash will remain the least on this post until they improve their service. 

I’ve come to the end of this post, note that there are still other good means of sending money to Nigeria from US that still exist. With time we’ll be updating this list. If you know of any good one you can suggest it on the comment box below. 

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