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How to Identify Fake and Original iPhone 7 plus

  • 10 months ago
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iPhone 7 plus

Want to know the deference between original iPhone 7 plus and the clone iPhone 7 plus (known as fake?). Let’s see what really different about them and how to identify fake iPhone 7 plus.

How to Identify Fake and Original iPhone 7 plus

iPhone 7 plus is the latest phone from apple. The iPhone 7 plus put on more marketing value to the company.

Original iPhone 7 plus

As you already know, every original has it fake. A lot of fake companies clone iPhone every year and a lot of buyers are falling victim now and then. To ensure you don’t go get a crap for same amount thinking it’s original, we have decided to make these article to help you when you are purchasing the latest iPhone 7 plus.

It will surprise you to know that the new generation iPhone 7 plus now has a fake, but we are not surprised that at all. Only one thing surprised. Why can’t these fake companies cloning other company products invest on a brand and make their name? Most of the clone phones look very identical to extend of finding it difficult to identify the original, so why can’t they invest on a name with a good quality product. Anyway that is a question for another day.

Check The Carton

First thing to check when you are buying the new iPhone 7 plus is the packaging design. Original iPhone 7 plus will have the iPhone 7 plus logo on the carton while most of the fake will just have plain white carton.

Check Camera Picture Quality 

The Original iPhone plus has 12MP sharp HD camera. Always check be sure of camera quality when you want to buy iPhone 7 plus.

Fake iPhone Display Quality is Always Low.

Original iPhone Because this people don’t have money to buy qualitymaterial, you will always find the fake iPhone to be very low in display quality.

Check The Price Of Original iPhone 7 And iPhone 7 Plus Here

Check imei info

Dial *#06# on your phone. Your phone imei numbers will show up. Visit and enter the imei number
There then click check.
The website will bring out your phone details. If you see anything deferent from apple iPhone 7 plus it suspicious. Also check to be sure the iPhone spelling doesn’t start with something else other than iPhone. If it start with capital i (e.g IPHONE or Iphone) then it not original, the real iPhone spelling is iPhone.

Watch the video below to see the difference between the original iPhone 7 plus and it fake.


This is how to identify fake and original iPhone 7 plus easily. We would advice you buy iPhone from authorised applemail dealers only.

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I am Ogheneserome Daniel a lover of God, from Isoko Delta State. I have strong mind in helping people with what i am in possesion of. I am on informationhood to say the truth, Expose the wrong, Clear the doubt, and help Nigerians.... Worldwide

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  • wow u just saved me from aming the biggest mistake of my life will just save more money and try and buy new one from authorized dealer instead of used one

    cupid chika April 6, 2018 10:46 pm Reply

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