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Prices of Laptop Hard Drive Disk and Where to Buy in Nigeria

  • 10 months ago
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Price of Laptop Computer Hard Disk and Where to Buy in Nigeria

If you are a good laptop computer user you will definitely notice a need for extra hard drive space for your laptop either for replacement or upgrading.

Price of Laptop Computer Hard Disk and Where to Buy in Nigeria

Price of Laptop Hard disk and Where to Buy in Nigeria

A computer hard drive disk is a spindle of magnetic disks, called platters, that record and store information, explaination by Techterms. Therefore every working computer you can see today has an hard disk that made it to function properly. It’s imposible for a laptop compiter to boot and work Without hard disk on your laptop. This is to say your computer won’t even boot to windows without haRd disk on it.

Whatever your reasons are for buying a new hard disk this posts will guide on the current price and where to buy good working hard disk in Nigeria.

List of hard disk size

Note that hard disk has different sizes which makes their priceself to be different.

  • 40gb hdd
  • 80gb hdd
  • 100gb hdd
  • 120gb hdd
  • 160gb hdd
  • 250gb hdd
  • 320gb hdd
  • 500gb hdd
  • 1000gb hdd known as (1TB) and more.

You should have the idea of the hard disk size you would want to buy.

Types of computer hard drive

Before you proceed to buy hard disk for your laptop, you should be aware that laptops uses different types of haRd disk. So be sure tof know which of the hard disk you laptop use first.

Types of HDD :
  • IDE : Integrated Drive Electronics. IDE drives are also known as PATA drives( Parallel advance technology attachment )
  • SATA : Serial advance technology attachment.
  • SCSI : Small Computer System Interface. SCSI is pronounced as scuzzy.
  • SAS : Serial Attached SCSI.

Most of the model normal size computer uses Data hArd drive while most old model laptops uses IDE hard drive. The computer that uses SAS and others are mostly unidentified mini laptops. Smaller laptops below 8 inch wide screen.

Price of Laptop Computer Hard drive disk in Nigeria

  • 40gb hdd = N2,700 Naira
  • 80gb hdd = N3,500 Naira
  • 100gb hdd = N4,800 Naira
  • 120gb hdd = N5,600 Naira
  • 160gb hdd = N7,000 Naira
  • 250gb hdd = N10,000 Naira
  • 320gb hdd = N13,500 Naira
  • 500gb hdd = N16,000 Naia
  • 1000gb hdd = N30,000 Naira

These are the prices of hard disk currently in Nigeria. Please keep in mind that the prices may go higher depending on your location and purchasing shop. Each shop has the right to sell their hdd at their own suitable price howevey they wish to, but one thing for sure the price won’t be much more different from what we have here.

Where To Buy Hard Disk/Drive in Nigeria

1. Visit Computer Accessories Shop: you need to buy hard drive in Nigeria, visit any computer accessery shop closer to you and request for the size of hard drive you need.

2. Check Jumia: Jumia also sell computer accessories. You can check on their accessories shop for your hard disk. One good thing with jumia is they allow pay on delivery when the hard dis’t gets to you. To buy on jumia visit Jumia Internal Hard Drive Shop

3. Buy on Konga: Konga is another good place to order your hard disk from. If you don’t have much time to visit visit computer accessories shop you can order it on konga and have it deliver to you. To order hard drive on konga visit Konga Internal Hard Drive Shop

Take note that ordering hard disk online will totally change the suggested amount above.

How To Change Your Laptop Hard Drive Yourself

For some reasons you may want to do it yourself to save some cost or risk of giving your laptop to an engineer. If you want to have it done yourself, nice decision! but note that informationhood will not be responsible for any damage you may cause to your computer in the result of your own action. We are here to only guide you on the right part.

To change your laptop hard drive yourself

  • Remove your laptop battery
  • Get screw drIver and screwed our the hard drive cover screws.
  • Screw out all screws find holding hard drive
  • Push hard drive backward to detached it from connection.
  • Gently remove hdd carefully.
  • Replace with your new hard drive

The process is not really difficult but if you find it to be then watch this video by “eHowTech”

ALSO READ: How to Change Your Laptop Ram Memory

Here a complet helpful article on prices of laptop hard drive disk and where to buy in Nigeria. Hope this is helpful?

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