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GTbank Mobile App: How to Activate and Login GTB App

  • 11 months ago
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GTbank mobile app features

We are on a cashless generation. This article will guide you gow to login to your gtbank mobile app. As it stand GTBank is one of the lage St bank in Nigeria. The bank has so many good quality features which other banks may be lacking. Opening Gtbank account is as easy as visiting any nearest GTbank and submit account opening formy.

GTbank mobile app

GTbank Mobile App: How to Activate and Login GTB app

As a GTBANK customer, be it a new or old customer operating any Gtbank account savings or current. There is a mobile app that you can use to make all of your transaction at the finger of your tip right in you convenience location.

What You Can do With GTbank Mobile App

There are many things you can do with the GTBANK mobile app, however let’s look as some main impart use of the app below.

GTbank mobile app features

  • Check Account Balance: With the Gtbank mobile app, you can easily check how much you have in your account.
  • Buy Airtime: No need of been worry of branching the next recharge card outlet. With your Gtbank mobile app, buying airtime on your phone made easier.
  • Transfer Money: No need of going to the nearest bank just to deposit or transfer money to someone. Now without a wast of time, you can transfer even more than a million to someone’s account be it Gtbank account or others’ and the good thing is that the person will receive it to the account and get alart upon send.
  • Check Account Status: Want to know about the transaction that has been going ok on your account? Such as viewing previous transactions.
  • Pay Bills: Don’t have time to visit the nearest PHN office to clear your electricity bills? No problem. Be it you want to as well renew your pay to watch sitellite channel subscription l; such as Gotv, Dstv and more, With the Gtbank mobile application you can archive this. All you need to do is open you app and choose which bill you would want to pay.

How to download mobile app

Gtbank has made their mobile app available for dwnload easy. To download the app go to your play store and search for “Gtbank”. If you are using the latest version of Google Play Store you will see the app download page. Just hit installed and wait for it to install properly.

How to Register and Longin Gtbank Mobile App

After downloading the app it time to consider setting it up to start working. Before you move on to this step, make sure you have registered Internet banking already. To register Internet banking you will have to visit the nearest Gtbank branch bank to make a request for Internet banking. If successful you will be giving your Internet banking user I’d and a password, make sure to use their machine to activate the card and change your password, “it a small internet machine inside the bank, not ATM machine

After registering your Internet banking at the bank hall, open the Gtb app you downloaded on your phone earlier the swap through the latest features applied then click get started.

As soon as your finger punch the ‘Get Started‘ button; you will be taking to a login page. Now enter your Internet login details.

Enter your Internet banking I’d which you will find on the paper giving to you in the first field, put your Internet banking p*swd on the second field then click “Sign In” if your details are correct put in, you will taken to your accunt dashboard were you will be able to make transaction.


  1. Make sure to save or write down your Internet banking I’d number for future use you if in case you change phone or lost it. If you have already lost your I’d we advice you visit your Gtbank to seek retreval.
  2. keep password confidential.
  3. Disregard any mail requesting for your Internet banking details.

This is a complete process guide of setting up your Gtbank mobile app.

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I am Ogheneserome Daniel a lover of God, from Isoko Delta State. I have strong mind in helping people with what i am in possesion of. I am on informationhood to say the truth, Expose the wrong, Clear the doubt, and help Nigerians.... Worldwide

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