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How to Use the Webcam on your Laptop/Computer

  • 11 months ago
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Laptop webcam

Want to use you laptop Webcam to video or take photo of yourself ?.

This article will teach you how you can turn On you laptop Webcam to video or take picture of yourself.

At a point you would want to have some video or snap some photo with your computer. At this point you could be stuck if you don’t know how to accomplish it or how to go about it. In this case this post will be of help getting your computer Webcam working as you want.

Laptop webcam

How to use Webcam on Laptop/Computer

We have seen in so many cases were people run “Webcam” search on their laptop pc computer. If you are doing this on your laptop of desktop, sorry you won’t get an useful result. It close to waste of time if your laptop/desktop is not apple and new without any software installed yet, you need a Webcam software.

When you bought a new computer, you will not be able to make video or snap yourself with it till you do the needful, however you can make video calls on website that has the software already, website such as facebook video call, Skype etc. for you to be able to use the Webcam to video or take a photo of yourself you need to first install a webcam software.

This post contain software’s that will open your cam to you even if you are offline. We will be providing you with two cam software we have considered as “best webcam software“.

Best Webcam software’s

You can use any of the software’s below to run your computer cam. They have proven to be the best cam solution at of the time of writing this post.

1. Youcam: Youcam is one of the best cam software, it has been for a long serving over 2million computers in Africa, and it still remain the best.

How to use youcam software

In order to use youcam you must first download the software online or run it from a CD plate, to download it online, visit download the software and install it, when installation is completed, double click on the software icon on your computer. It will open, select any category, if you want to make video of yourself, choose video, if you want to snap photos then choose into.

2. Manycam: another lovely software is manycam. Manycam is one of the favourite Webcam software one can ever have. This Webcam software has so many lovely features that will interest you. If you are in need of Webcam software with best features other than just taking photos and videos, you would want to consider this as best to use.

How to use manycam Webcam software

Visit to download manycam software to your computer. Follow the instructions carefully to install the software. When installation is complete, double click the ManyCam software icon on your computer to home to open the software, there you can choose to video or take photos. Manycam software is free, however if you want high features aside video and photos you can consider their paid version.

With any of this above listed software’s you will be able to take videos and photos of your computer laptop. Note that is not possible to start taking photos or making videos when these software’s are not on your computer.

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I am Ogheneserome Daniel a lover of God, from Isoko Delta State. I have strong mind in helping people with what i am in possesion of. I am on informationhood to say the truth, Expose the wrong, Clear the doubt, and help Nigerians.... Worldwide

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