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16 Ways to Make Your Phone Battery Last Longer

Having a phone with bad batter is a serious disaster and damn frustrating. If you are always dealing with phone battery issue, then you can improve your battery usage capacity with the little idea we are going to share on this post.

How to make Phone Battery last long

Every handset device company is dealing with shirt battery power this days. If you take good note, new handset this days has more strong battery duration compare with how there were before.

Having a phone that battery last doesn’t still guarantee everyone lasting battery. Most cases our phone battery last longer depending on the usage.

16 Ways to Make Your Phone Battery Last Longer

We are just here to give some tips and ideas to boost a battery lifespan a little more than it were.

Ideas to get your battery to last for you

1. Close unused apps

It very important to close apps that you no longer on use. Opening too many apps at a time weaken battery faster.

2. Check to see the app that is killing your 🔋 Battery

Which if this app is killing Your Phone battery the more? Some apps consume lot of battery on your phone, check to see if this app is important or not, if not much important to you then there is every need to uninstall it to save your battery life. To check which app is consuming battery go to settings > power management.

3. Don’t let your battery get to 0%

One most common reason why some people complained about phone battery, is due to how they let their phone get off from low battery, the more you let your battery down totally the more the cell is getting weak, you won’t notice it now, but definitely it won’t be long you will discover the battery that do last you 12 hrs no longer last for 6 hrs.

4. Only charge with original charger

Don’t just use just any available charger for your phone. When charging with ordinary charger you are not giving the phone battery the right capacity power it needed, with time you will discover that your battery power is dropping lasting duration.

6. Only Charge With Good Power Source

If you have been using phone for a long time now you would have an idea of this, but if not we’re getting you inform that charging your p hi one battery with low power source such as small generator, inverter, and low electricity will definitely hurt your battery lifespan.

Optimize your phone
There are lot more things to do on your phone to reduce battery consumption. Check below for how to optimize your phone for better battery lifespan.

8. Shorter screen timeout

Set the screen ‘timeout’ to take effect after the shortest amount possible (For iPhone: Settings, General, Auto-Lock).

9. Lower the brightness

Lowering your phone brightness level can help you save lot of battery, you have to know the lower the brightness, the less battery usage.

10. Turn off your data when sleeping or not in use

Since you won’t be having any need for internet while asleep, why live it on? You can save some Battery by turning off your data while you sleep.

11. Turn off Bluetooth

when you are not using the Bluetooth there is every need to turn it off, it’s just draining your battery without you knowing. So put it off when it off use.

12. Use airplane mode

If you’re in an area with no signal, and you know you won’t get one until you leave, turn the phone on airplane mode.

13. Take a notification break

Reduce the frequency of auto updates from email, news, social media and other apps. While you may need text and phone call alerts on all the time, you may not need alerts from every app on your phone every minute of the day. So just change the notification settings to reduce the frequency of alerts.

14. Turn off push email

Some apps are ready to beep you up with hundreds of notifications daily, too many notifications deal battery faster. Having your phone check for new emails once or twice an hour uses less battery than having it constantly monitor for updates. So decide how often you need to be updated, and then change the frequency in your mail settings.

15. Turn off location services

If you’re not in search of location or related category there is no need living your location service on, outside battery optimization is cool for your own security to always keep you location of unless there is a need for it. Location service simultaneously draining your battery.

16. Turn off vibrate to make Your Phone last long

According to research, vibrate function consumed more battery life than a ringtone, only put on your phone vibration when there is need for it.

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