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How to Change or Upgrade a Laptop Ram (Memory)

So many people have been asking us this question “How to change or upgrade a laptop ram“. We want to use this opportunity to show those of you who wanted to change their laptop memory ram by their self.

The major issues people incur after purchasing a laptop is finding out the ability of the Laptop and it capacity. When a ram of a laptop is low, it makes the system become very slow and sometimes may lead to frequent hanging of the Laptop which will leave you with no choice than to remove the battery and restart, with time it will lead to crashing of your hard drive.

Upgrading your laptop ram depend on what you are doing with the laptop, for example a laptop that is used for browsing alone will be OK with 2gb ram 2.5GHz processor speed And won’t be OK with a laptop used for programming that contain lot of software’s and codes or laptop used for graphics.

How to Change or Upgrade a Laptop Ram (Memory)

Weather you are using core 2 Duo, i3. i5 or i7 if you find a need of upgrading your laptop memory (ram), you can archive it yourself with the help of this post.

Find Out If Your Laptop Will Be Able To Accept Ram Size You Planned For

First of all, find out if the laptop computer will be able accept / withstand the ram gb size you about upgrading to. If your laptop processor speed is below 2.0GHz it definitely can’t accept 3 or 4gb ram. 2gb memory would be the best to use on it or else you will run into unknown issues later, so find out about your laptop and how many gb ram that will be suitable for it.

Buy Ram (Memory) From Any Computer Accessories Shop.

You can visit the nearest accessories shop in your location to buy a laptop ram. Before proceeding to buy the ram, first find out the kind of ram you laptop uses. All laptops doesn’t use same ram type. Currently there is DR2, DR3, DR1 and more ram type. So sort for the kind of ram your laptop uses so you don’t buy the wrong memory (ram) type. Below is a photo of a laptop ram.

Laptop ram (memory)

Get a Star Screw Driver

Buy a star screw driver from electronic accessories shop. The screw driver will be used to loose the ram cover located at the back of your laptop. Below is a photo of screw driver.

Photo of screw drive (star)

Loose The Ram Cover At The Back Of Your Laptop Computer

Photo How to Loose laptop back

It time to get your hand wet, let’s start work now. Turn to the back of your laptop and look for a small rectangle box, you will find ram signal draw on it. Note that in some laptops you will need to open the whole of the back cover to find the ram while some are located behind the keyboard. Just try to check around for where your laptop ram is located. Mini laptop ram location are one of the most complicated ones. Their ram are usually located behind keyboard or inside the laptop. If you are using a mini laptop, you might loose the whole of the back or loose the keyboard area to be able to locate ram. If you successful find your ram location then congrats, you are almost there.


Remove Your Laptop Current Ram

Remove ram from laptop

When you locate your laptop current ram, you will definitely see a pin holding each end of the ram. Gently free the pin by pushing it out from the ram, free both pin to see that ram automatically push up by itself. now you can gently remove ram by pulling it out from the slot. Do the same if your laptop uses two ram slot, and you which to change or upgrade both.

Replace With The New Ram

How to replace laptop ram


After you successfully remove the ram, it time to put the New Ram you are changing or upgrading with. Now carefully slot it in same slot you pull the previous Ram from and push it downward towards the two holders pin, the ram memory will be auto clip by the two pin. If you notice that the ram is not entering into the slot, don’t fuss it in or you will end up damaging someone there. When this happen it means you bought a different ram type, as mentioned above. We have up to three ram types. What you need to do at the point is to take the the ram you removed from your laptop to a computer accessories shop and demand they give you exact type of it. Then it will freely go in the slot if it matches.

Close The Ram With It Cover.

Now the New Ram is in it place, it’s time to cover it back as it were before, cover it and tight the screw back.

Turn On Your Computer, Wait a Minute Then Press F1

Everything is now in it place, the work is not yet done until we confirm it working. At this point, turn on your computer and wait for it to boot. In same laptops you will get a notification while the laptop is booting that ram size has been change, you will be required to press f1 to save the change or f2 to cancel change made to the ram size. Press (f1) for yes to save the the change. Then wait for your computer to boot properly. Note that not all of the laptops that requires pressing f1 to save, if yours doesn’t show notifications there’s no need to panic. Some laptops automatically acknowledge change and save it by itself.

When you computer boot successful, check to confirm that the New Ram size shows up as expected. You can learn “How to check computer properties, ram size, Hard Drive here

Note: After changing ram, and notice your laptop shows on light but no display on the screen, it means the ram is not OK or you did something wrong. Ram is made for display and speed, therefore if ram is missing on a computer there won’t be any display on the screen, it will just remain blank.

Congratulations if you follow the step completely. Now you know how to change your laptop memory ram by yourself without the help of any engineer.

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