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Disgusting Things Some Nigeria Lecturers are Doing to Female Students

This has been happening over the years now and no body seem to be talking about it. Is this the fight of corruption? According to saying and understanding, when you want to kill a tree you deal with the root, the eye of the fish is on the fish head. We should start doing the right thing at he right time, today we open a chapter if Dirty Nigerian Lecturers.

Nigeria lecturer sleeping With female Student- Lecturers

Disgusting Things Some Nigeria Lecturers are Doing to Female Students

The job of a lecturer is the concern of making a better nation by bringing vibrant students to men and women that will stunt a country or nation to make a better place, but 57% of Nigerian lecturers are after target while only 43% focus on the main target. Two set of persons should be blamed for the dirty success act of some Nigerian Lecturers.
1 The school Authority which i considered as part of government
2. The victims.

You most have known where i am driving to but if not below is what i mean on this post.
Lecturers taking advantages of female students
Over hip of Handout
Frustrating Male students
All the three listed angle above i want to explain below. Time without Numbers ladies has been make used of by lecturers in exchange of high scores, this is where a mentioned that the blame also goes to the victim in other hands it’s cost by the government.

Most of the victim falling for this horrendous act are been threaten to the lecturer with a strong word of having carry over if they refuse to.
In a school i know of many lecturers but i am not in a mood of mentioning names here. This could seem like threat at the beginning but they will definitely carry out the action on the victim. I can boast of it the 40% of federal Universities female students has undergo the pressure of lecturers having them on the bed for an exchange of mark or have them fail if resist to comply, no wonder some people are taking their children to school abroad.

A friend sometime told me that the fear of a lecturer threat is the beginning of wisdom, can you imagine that?. Where the government fail to play a good role is the fact that the school authority has no punishment for such kind of lecturers, reason might be because some of them are cooperates.

Some students has taken action against this act but all effort ends in facing a punishment from same lecturers who interacted them, this makes some of them to sustained carry over severally just because they resist and expose evil act of a lecturer. How would this encourage other victims to act? The question is that can there be a solution to lecturer Yes there is still a solution. The female students should stand up for their right and and say No to lecturers dirty requirements for pass.

I personally want to use this post to sound a clear warning to lecturers who are still doing this or thinking of doing it, if i should get hold of you the next post won’t spare your name and school name. I will personally sponsor the post which will contain your name and school name all over top known Nigeria social medias with paid advert. This is not just a threat but exactly what i am going to do next.

Students That Fall Victims of Such Lecturers Are

  • Sexy looking female students
  • Brainless Students who always seek for lecturers assistants
  • N*de or close to dressing students who keep them selves kind of expose
  • Lecturer friend students

As female students you can stand on your righ not to let yourself down for this kind of lecturers except i will take it as ‘You are in love with him ‘ but loving your dad age seem crazy but not something impossible though.

If for any reason you feel depress of lecturer hit, there are many ways of dealing with that lecturer in regardless of what of his actions to come. Yes i mean forget what ever the result may be ad stand on your right. The tension of lecturer is the beginning of failure for ladies who stand risk of lecturer manipulation. Don’t let yourself be manipulated and be used by a lecturer, the first time will never be the end, he will keep using you in as much as he succeeded the first time.

How to Stop Lecturers From Taking Advantages of You 

On my own idea i still feel there are many ways in tackling the issues of lecturers when any of them harass you of s*x activity to gain pass.

1. The most common way is to stop visiting lecturers office often.

2. I suggest by reporting him or her to the school authority. I would advice you to get hold of good evidence before proceeding. Getting evidence of event is not difficult any more, just put your phone on ‘sound record’ to record his conversation.

3. Stop dressing n*de or too sexy to class

4. Another way of dealing with them is to let me deal with them my own little way. Informationhood is not accommodate no shirt from anyone, not even scared of what any body can do or will do. The truth must be told and expose, if you can get a clear evidence of any oppressive lecturer, it will go live on informationhood and get promoted on facebook and twitter. They won’t want their name and face to be flying around social medias, some of them are even married and wouldn’t want trouble in their homes. Report him even with or without his notice. You can contact us using our contact us page information below and above.

Advice: Ladies please don’t get involve in s*x activities with a lecturer for score or any passes promise, if you there did it once, you will keep doing it as far as you are in the school, every lecturer will be taking that advantage because the lecturer is going to share the news with his co-partners in crime and them too will want to get a taste of it . You will definitely turn lecturers s*x machine if you dares.

If you love him then you are free to go on

And for you lecturers taking advantages of female students, Your cup will soon run full, just watch out.

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