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Easy way to fix broken wordpress site caused by Editing of Theme or Plugin

  • 1 year ago
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This article will show you how you can fix broken wordpress site. Wordpress is the most popular used blog platform/CMS, it also used in designing company websites and more. For many reason known to wordpress user he/she might want to customized wordpress theme to fall to his/her likeness and for this customization and theme editing reasons sometimes we end up breaking our website or blog by ourselves.

error broken website

How to fix broken wordpress site

There are some other things that can lead to a breakdown of a wordpress website/blog but the main common causes are ether them or plugin. Without doubt almost 79% of wordpress users had gone through this horrible time and i tell you it not friendly at all to see your website down. On these post i want to tell you that the reason why your wordpress website might have shutdown is either you or someone else has tempered with your current theme wrongly or installed a bad plugin that contain bug, the main file of wordpress theme that cause site break down is the php file, if code is not properly placed in the theme php file; you might break down your wordpress website or blog within a twinkle of an eye.

Some plugins could also break down your site such a plugins that tried modifying you theme. Another reason that could break down your website is low memory which is low space of Mysql database, though this rarely happen to new website, when this happen it calls for upgrading your website hosting service, no magic about that, this is to say you are having too many visitors and the load is too heavy for your current hosting plan. Your site will come up soon as the load drop down but will still go down when there is many visitors on the site, the only solution is to upgrade your hosting service if you run out of UCP. But you have to know that this issues is not common to new websites.

As we mentioned above; the most common cause for wordpress website breakdown is when the theme is tempered with wrongly, when php file of a theme is wrongly modified it will definitely short down the website completely that is why you have to be very careful while editing your theme or installing wordpress plugins that edit your theme by adding their code or calling for codes on your behave, because if such plugin have bug it can collapse your website.

When wordpress website is down all you can see is blank page, you won’t be able to login to your wordpress dasboard any more.

The only solution to fix broken wordpress site is changing the broken item using your hosting Cpanel or FTP. What you need to do is to replace/remove the current item which has been broken and if it is the theme broke the site then we have to change the theme to another before you can be able to access the website.

How to change wordpress theme using panel.

Now lets move on to the process to fix broken wordpress site theme if the problem is from the current theme.

1 login to your host and click on manage host. your hosting service will take you to login your cpanel.

2. on your cpanel home page look for Database section and click on Myphp to open your database file.

php on how to fix broken wordpress site

4. Click on the sitename e_wp (e.g ucdemas_wp1) to open a drop down, wait for it to load and click on ‘wp_optionwp option on how to fix broken wordpress site  to open the option files.

name schemam on how to fix broken wordpress site

5 On the row option put it to ‘2‘ and look for ‘template‘ file, on the left of it click edit.

row two on how to fix fix broken wordpress site

Below photo shows the two file you that carries your website theme which you need to edit.

edit template on how to fix broken wordpress site

8. when it open you will see the current broken theme name, just change the broken theme name to ‘twentysixteen‘ or twentyfifteen and click ‘Go‘ at the bottom to save.

edit template on how to fix broken wordpress site
Note: It only a theme that you already had installed to your wordpress that could change to or else it won’t work, we are using twentysixteen and twentyfifteen  because those themes are pre-installed installed theme that comes with every wordpress website, so if you have this theme deleted then use any other them name you have installed but cannot be the already broken one.

10. Do the same thing to the ‘stylesheet‘ file below the template file.

At this point you should have your wordpress website restored ruining live again.

How was it?

If after following the step above and you still can’t have your website back online then three things involve which are

  1. Either you didn’t follow the above steps correctly or the theme you are changing to is not installed in your wordpress site or you didn’t entered the name correctly. Note that if you miss a spelling on the theme name then it won’t work.
  2. If you follow the step correctly and you are sure of it, then the cause of your wordpress breakdown might not be from the theme, it could be from a plugin! suspected.

How to Deactivate/Delete WordPress Plugin When Site is Breakdown Because of a Plugin.

If you notice after installing a plugin your website broke down then definitely you have installed a wrong plugin which tries manipulating your website, the problem is not that the plugin has bad intention but this happen simply because the plugin contain some bugs which the author have not notice, or you installed plugin that hasn’t be maintained for a very long while.

The reason is that some plugins add code to your wordpress website or call the code of your theme which sometime it might be harmful if there is a bug on the plugin. This could also happened due to attach on your website from a plugin you have installed. When plugin breaks down your wordpress website the page will also go completely and your wordpress dashboard will be blank as well, you can’t login to your wordpress dasboard any more till you have the plugin remove or deactivated.

Since you won’t be allowed to access your wordpress there is only one way of getting your website back again that is using your hosting Control panel known as Cpanel to remove the plugin or deactivate it.

To solve this problem is easy but we notice some wordpress new users still find it difficult, that is why informationhood decide putting a clear explanation and easy way of doing this.

Step 1. Login to your host Cpanel.
To access your cpanel you will have to visit your host provider, login and click of manage Cpanel.

Step 2. On your Cpanel dashboard look under ‘File’ and click “file manager”. After clicking file manager there will be popup asking you the file to open. select “Web Root (public_html/www)” then click ‘GO’, you will be taken to your wordpress site files list.

Under (/home/….) your database name. look for wp-content >>>  Plugins

You will see all the plugins you have installed on your website there. If you know a specific plugin that must have hurt your website, then just look for it and point your mouse direct on it, right click and select delete. If you don’t want to delete the plugin then you can rename it to deactivate it. Any plugin you rename will be automatically deactivated on your website.

If you don’t have a specific plugin that you think must have cause problem to your website, then i will recommend you deactivate all the plugins by rename them all. You can ativate them again when you login to your wordpress dashboard.

If after doing all these you are still unable to resolve the problem and have your site back online then you contact us using the contact us link below this site so we can help you or leave a comment below.

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I am Ogheneserome Daniel a lover of God, from Isoko Delta State. I have strong mind in helping people with what i am in possesion of. I am on informationhood to say the truth, Expose the wrong, Clear the doubt, and help Nigerians.... Worldwide

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