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Need a WordPress Blog? Hire Professional Blog Designer or Developer

Are you in search of wordpress blog designer? If so then this article is for you. Whether you have installed your wordpress blog and looking for blog designer/developer to add more functionalities and make it beautiful to your taste or you just want to start blogging and looking for a professional wordpress blog designer  or developer to set up a wordpress blog for you, you are at the right place, we are going to provide you with a professional blog designer/developer that will set up your blog for you within 24 hours and your blog will be live on the internet.

wordpress Blog designer

Need a WordPress Blog? Hire Professional Blog Designer or Developer

Back in the days going on internet was not really easy, compared to now, everything had change and with just a mobile phone you can get hook up with friends, families and even know what you shouldn’t have. Blogging is something that is currently impacting the world with lot of information.

Bloggers are currently making millions of dollars on the internet with just their blogs. Internet is not for a specific kind of people but for everyone who care to advance his or her experience. Blogging can make you a millionaire within a year which your current business or job can’t pay you.

Start A Company Online

Your internet business can connect you with people you never expected of ever meeting with, people of high potentials, elegant. It time to build a worldwide company online. You blog can also make you known world-wide beyond as you ever thought, all begin from taken a bold step.

How You Will Make Money With Your Blog

After hard-working you deserve to be reworded, it not just been rewarded but making you smile and feel like doing more. This is the money-making area, though we have covered an article which contain how you can make money with your blog, i will like to list few important one’s here so you will be much encourage to start something now.

1. Google Adsense: Do you know that google adsense is paying some bloggers $50,000 monthly? People have built houses and bought flashing cars from their blogs and currently busy travelling around the world all because of reputation their blog put on them. Google adsense is among the best way of making money with a blog, and it’s free to apply.

For those of you who is hearing about google adsense for the very first time, Google adsense is an advertising company put together by google. Google adsense will pay you as a blogger to allow them show their advertisers banner on your blog. Google adsense pay monthly at 27-29 and more than 100,000 bloggers are using adsense still google still need more blogs to place their ads, You can apply for google adsense here, make sure your blog is live on the internet before applying for google adsense. Aside google adsense there are still other advertising company that are still ready to pay you just for you to put their advertisers banner on your blog, some of them are

2. Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate is another best good way of making good amount of money with your blog. The act of affiliate is by putting advert on your blog that lead to an item in online shop and any body that follow your link to order the item you get a commission for it. There are so many website you can register with as an affiliate, the best are:

3. Direct Advertisement: When your blog becomes very known then you will see a lot of companies and business requesting to place advert on your blog. You have the right to charge any amount you think it ok for you, and no body will share it with you. This is the most profitable side of bloging but before you archive this there is a lot of work to do, because if your blog is not big and popular you won’t see any advertiser who will approach you.

4. Selling your own product or services
This is also one of the best idea of making money with your blog. If you have a hand work or you have service that you render, you can present it to your blog readers and it will surprise you how your readers will be happily buying/purchasing your service or product.

You can offer your readers any thing at all depending it a legal item or service, such as

  • Ebook
  • Cloths
  • Information
  • Ideas, etc.

Now that you have idea on how you can make money with your blog, let’s move to the kind of blog you would want to what kind of blog you need to start.

A blog must be of a specific niche and target set of people. The most important that will grow your blog is selecting the right niche which you will be tired of, this is what is called passion. Go for a niche you have passion about so you don’t run out of topics.

Niche is blog category, you must have seen some blog talking about health alone and some businesses only. You don’t have to be thought of the niche to choose, it all depend on you. Go for what you are passionate talking about, because the last we check there is no one on earth who doesn’t have passion,therefore do what you love doing in your everyday life. There are so many niche to select from such as Technology, Health, Information, Business, Fashion, Wedding, Relationship etc.

Now let move on to why you are here, i hope the above have elite you a lot and also encourage your.

What do you do if you want your website to stand out, but you don’t know the first thing about website design? Hire a designer! WordPress designers can help you upload new themes, tweak your theme’s design, and completely customize your WordPress site.

We have develop and set up so many blogs, forum and business website for and blog for many organisation.

Why You Need To Hire a Professional Blog Designer

You are not starting a child play blog, i don’t know if that it. You blog is a company and needed to be treated as such, any blogger that mean blogging business must first give his or her blog a unique identification look.

If you are not a professional in blog or website design or developing, you definitely need a professional to handle that for you. There are so many reasons why you need a professional to handle your blog development for you. A bad design blog is a total waist of time, if i should ask do you know that blog design has high impact on your blog Search Engine Visibility? Believe me when i said a bad designed blog will never rank on search engine in no mater the quality of the contents or how hard you will try, at the same time will not give your readers better experience.

How to know a professional blog designer? 

A good blog designer must have this mindset when designing a blog

1. Website Speed: If your website is taking too much time to load then you are going to loose your readers at the same time loose search ranking. No body want to waste lot of time waiting for a website to load when there are thousands of others at there that offer same service, same time google and some other search engines don’t want to make a website that will not suit their users rank front page, these is because they need to secure their users from going to another search engine, this is why a professional wordpress blog designer or developers will make sure your blog load time is very fast – We have this skill 100%.

2. SEO: Without working diligently on your blog SEO there is no doubt that you are going to quit blogging very soon. Where your loyal readers will come from is search engines such as google. Since we started informationhood we haven’t wasted a dime in promoting or advertising it on any platform still we are having thousands of visitors daily. Almost all our visitors are coming from google and some yahoo and bing, this is because we work on our blog search visibility. Every professional blog designer must dedicate a lot of time to make sure your website optimize for search engines – we have this skill 100%

3. Mobile Friend: Internet has become common these days because of mobile phones, tablets and smart phones, 89% of your blog readers will be visiting your blog from their smart phone, tablets etc and no body these days have the time to zoom your article to read, when your blog is not mobile friendly you will surely be loosing visitors at the same time search ranking, therefore your blog designer/developer must make sure that your blog is mobile friendly. Your blog designer must optimize your blog so it fit with any device your readers are visiting with.

Simple And Beautiful Blog Layout : If your blog is simple to understand then your readers will feel comfortable and even fall in-love with your blog, this is when they will be commenting and conversation with you. A professional blog developers like us will not want to confuse your readers and make the site uncomfortable for them with it design. There are so many website you will visit today you won’t even take note of the website name or even want to comment, it not because the article is not interesting but simply because the design is poor or confusing to the readers.

As blogger and a web designer, we will inform you to have a reconsideration of your blog layout if you already have a blog that is not doing well. Blog design has a lot to do with readers. Below are what will happen when your blog is poor designed.

  • Little to no comment
  • Increase in bounce rate
  • Not been recognize by your blogger
  • Poor search ranking

Where To Find Blog Designer

I would have love to explain why the above listed issues occurs with poor design blog but that is a topic for another post, so take note; if you are experiencing any of the above listed issues that is the sign/symptoms that your blog is having a poor design layout.

If you are looking for professional blog designer to design your new or old blog then we are here for you, we have expert wordpress designers and developers that will build a blog of your dream and make sure you stand out and make name and money. If yo have a blog already but not ok with the design or look, we can work on the design and give it a good look that will be comfortable with you visitors.

How about if you haven’t install wordress blog and looking for a professional wordpress blog designer that will handle the whole process for you, here we are. Our experts will build a professional blog that no one else could have.

What we will do for you.

Informationhood professional developers and designers will take the whole lot of stress from you and present you with your blog without wasting any single of your time. We will be responsible from the begin process till it get done and present it to you so you have nothing to be worried.

Blogs/Website we have work on


We do beyond just designing or developing your blog, we will also work on your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to make your blog rank on google. We will handle your search console settings and verification process, also write 10 unique article that will rank first page on google and some other search engines wish you can get google adsense approval with without stress.

In addiction we will from informationhood to your blog for free, and render 6 month free support.
We will design your blog as you wanted it to be.

Our Service Fee

It will surprise you that you won’t spend much money to have your beautiful blog live on the online. Our blog designing fee is much more affordable even with the high quality service we provide, check below for our price.

  1. Basic Design — If you’re looking for minimal tweaks to an existing WordPress theme, such as a color or font change, a header file uploaded, or another change that can be done in under an hour the price is $50.
  2. Upgraded Design — For comprehensive tweaking of an existing WordPress theme to make your site more unique, Price is $80
  3. Customized Design — For a highly customized site that looks like no other site, includes functionality and design elements unique to your site, $200
  4. Complete Blog Building Process – We will handle everything from the root to the finish stage which include purchasing a domain and host service, wordpress installation, premium theme, Customization, SEO, Site Map, Google Console Setting and Verification, 10 Unique Articles. With this package you don’t have anything to do, we handle everything for you, The price is $560.

You won’t find regret working with us, and our expert will make sure your blog is ready on time, Fill below form to get started.

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If you have any question regarding our service then use the comment box below.

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