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Process of Crowning Oba of Benin: What Every Oba Of Benin Must Go Through to Access The Throne

Benin is located in Edo state, this city Benin is the most popular city in the state and also Benin is the capatal of Edo state Nigeria. On this article we will be looking at the process of obtaining the throne, which means what every Oba of benin must go through to get the throne, just read on.

Process of Crowning Oba of Benin

Oba of benin

From time on the Oba of Benin is regarded as one of the most important Nigerian monarchs; the Benin Oba has always be referred to as Omo N’Oba or the Emini mini mini. According to history The ancient Benin Kingdom was first ruled by Oba Eweka 1 in the culture rich tradition of the Benin.

As Christianity has taken over Nigeria, we all have now seen the light of God and have place less to no importancy in traditional ordeed but some people of Benin claimed the process of the ascension of the Oba of Benin is altogether interesting and mysterious.

Let head on to the major reason of these post, when an oba is about to esterblised in Benin a 10-day ceremony starts at Egua-Edaiken, the traditional residence of the heir-apparent. According to the witnesses and people of Benin, thee Ceremony begins with the heir-apparent (Edaiken) traveling to Benin accompanied by his people on a day of his choosing, and on his return he will stop at a historical palm tree; Udinamaimesunaimiuwa which literally translates to ‘work before pleasure‘ and climbs this tree.

This symbolic tree climbing rite dates back to the time of Oba Ewuare whose rule was characterised by so much suffering he was sometimes forced to climb palm trees to forage for food.

Having scaled this mini-hurdle, the Edaiken will continue his journey into Benin. However, he will be forced to leave his chiefs behind at the first moat which is called Iya-akpan.

Further more The heir-apparent will then be escorted back into Benin by Oredo chiefs and will enter throughIguisi which is also known  as Lagos street, to Eko-ohae(known as bachelor’s camp) where he will stay for 3 days.

After all these then he will performs the Usama rite, a rite first performed by Oromiyan when he built the first palace where all his successors were crowned and lived until the 13th century when Oba Ewedo moved the palace to its present site in the centre of the town. It doe sure that the Edaiken must remain in Usama for 7 days to perform all of the rituals and ceremonies of the Obas.

Before the 7th day, he is expected  to visit a village few kilometres from Benin where he will perform the ceremony of choosing a title he’ll answer as the Oba, a tradition which started at the time of Oba-Eweka the first whose maternal grandfather Ogie-Egor lived in.


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It doesn’t end there, after he pick a name at Use, the Edaiken will then return to Usama where the crowning ceremony will be performed by Oliha. The Oliha is the Leader of the Uzama and he will proclaim the Edaiken in his newly acquired title as the Oba of Benin.

It is important to note that until the ceremony at Use, the Edaiken never knows before hand what  name is going to be crowned with. Henceforth, the Edaiken will cease to use personal names and he will be known as Oba.

Hope these post explained everything you wish to know? if further inquires regarding thie post you can drop your comment below.

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