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How to Renew or Pay GOTV Subscription Easily in 2018

subscribe gotv online

These post will show you all the good method of paying GOTV subscription in Nigeria. As you have already know, GOTV is one of the largest satellite in Nigeria. GOTV came out as the most affordable Satellite TV Channels provider giving every home to view their dream channels at affordable price. Present as we are here, GOTV is find in almost every home that has Television in Nigeria, these is idea how much more GOTV has hit deep to Nigerians.

How to Renew or Pay GOTV Subscription

How to renew or pay gotv subscription


With these huge active users GOTV has acquired, there is every reason why they must make subscription easier for their subscribers. Unfortunately GOTV did’t not disappoint your expected of quick subscription payment means. If you don’t know yet, there are several ways of paying your GOTV subscription presently in Nigeria and almost all of these payment method are considered very effective and confirm working perfectly as we have ever expected.

The purpose of these post is to show you some effective means of paying your GOTV subscription in Nigeria. We have also ask these question before ” How to pay GoTV subscription in Nigeria, some extend we went to ask how to renew GOTV online and all the answer we got then was a bit amazing, we have tried almost all the means of paying GOTV, some prove to be good why some are just waste of time and in some people cases waste of money. By following any of the means you are going to find on these post will land you in a success hood of paying your GoTV subscription.

Method/Means of Paying GOTV Subscription Easily in Nigeria

You can pay GOTV subscription is Nigeria using any of the below method, they are all considered best.

  1. Paying GoTV Suubsceiption Online
  2. Paying For GOTV Subscription With ATM machine
  3. Paying GOTV Subscripion At GOTV Dealers Outlet/Shop
  4. Paying GOTV Subscription From FCMB

How to Pay GOTV Subscription Online

We are going to start from how you can pay your GOTV subscription online in Nigeria, the reason is that it know to be the easiest way of paying for GOTV subscription.

There are several ways of making GOTV payment online, but two of these are confirmed and known to be the best method.

1. Paying GOTV subscription with Quickteller 

Quickteller is a secure online payment and buying platform in Nigeria, Qucikteller don’t really sell any thing, but it integrate with all Nigerian Banks to enable online transaction simple. With Quickteller you can pay bills and buy airtime online, and you are as safe as you may have never thought of.

Quickteller is the best method of paying GOTV online. Follow the steps below to pay your GoTV subscription using quickteller

  • Visit
  • Select your subscription bouqet/plan
  • in the Decoder Number (ICU)  Type in your Decoder IUC number at the red sticker in back of your Decoder
  • In The next field put in your current active email address
  • Enter your phone number you activated your GOTV with
  • Click Next button

Soon as you click Next button, you will be taken to GOTV payment pay where you can enter your billing details such as your ATM card details.

At these point enter your card Number, expire date, card name, cv number (3 last number find in bck of your ATM Card and click Continue to pay. The next page is successful page, which will confirm if your transacrion was successful or not.


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Other Ways Of Paying For GoTV Onlin

1. Peying GOTV Subscription Online sing Payga

2. Paying GOTV Subscriptioj Online Using GOTV website

3. Paying GOTV Subscription onlibe using banks mobile app

4. Paying GOTV Subscription online using online banking

These are more ways to pay GOTV online, to learn how to pay using all the above mention method read Subscribe GoTV Online: How to Pay For GoTV

Aside paying GoTV with online method, there are others way of still paying for GoTV in Nigeria.

Pay GOTV Subscription On GOTV Dealers Outle/Shop

These method is also easy and will save you some technical issues and have who to call on if something should went wrong. If you are not comfortable paying GOTV online then these is the best method for you. Just visit any GOTV outlet iin your location with you GOTV decoder and the amount your wish to pay. Note that GOTV outlet will charge you 100 for service fee but there will definitely do it for you at the best way.

Paying GoTV Subscription Through FCMB Bank

This is another alternative of paying for your GoTV subscription though the is not an online method but i think it could also be helpful, The method is paying via any FCMB bank.

  • Visit Any FCMB bank Nearest to you
  • A teller is presented to you by FCMB where you fill in your personal details and GoTV details:
  • Your Full Name
  • Your GoTV IUC number
  • Your GoTV Registered Phone number
  • Once deposited your viewing would start working in a short while.


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Pay GOTV Subscription With ATM Machine

These another cool method of renewing your GOTV. It now posible to pay a lot of bills usng the ATM Machine. To Pay GoTV subscription using ATM machine:

  • Visit the nearest ATM machine
  • Insert your ATM card and enter your secret pin
  • Look for the option that says pay bills, if the pay bills option is not made available on the ATM Machine or it didn’t work then click the option that says Quickteller
  • On the next screen select TV subscription
  • Select GOTV sbscription
  • Select the Subscription Plan you wish to subscribe to
  • Enter your IUC number and click continue
  • Enter Your Phone Nmber and click Continue

Congratulation you have successfully paid your GOTV subscription with ATM machine if followed the above steps carefully.

These are well trusted means of renewing/paying GOTV subscription easily in Nigeria, if you are having any trouble with these you can let s know using the comment box below.

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