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Scam Alert! This Person 08161245165, +447087662510 is a Nigeria scammer

Informationhood want to quickly inform every one that the owner of 08161245165, +447087662510 is a Nigeria scammer. He plays a scam method of calling people as if he is their relative living in abroad. This scammer can call your name when he place a call to you so you will believe he is really your relative. You might want to believe him because knows your name. If you are wondering how or where he got your name and phone number from then the answer is online. He got your name and phone number from either your  facebook, olx, jiji, nairaland, twitter etc.

The trick this scammer plays is to call you, ask about how you are, how is Nigeria? and then he will tell you that he is calling you with internet because of the network problem etc, he might ask you why he hasn’t heard from for a long time now. After all that he will tell you that he has change his number that you should write his new number down so you can all him any time. the he will procceed by asking if you have received what he sent to you recently. If you say no, then he will tell you that he gave some items to somebody that came to Nigeria recently to give to you.

The last time he called he said he sent laptop, iphone, ipad, and 1000 pounds through one Dr. Micheal Ajaye who came to Nigeria recently because of his mother in-law in sick with cancer and the Doctor came with two white men for surgery.

He will tell you to get a pen and paper and write the contact of the doctor and the name so you will can call the doctor and request for the itema he sent to you.

The scammer stories didn’t just end there, the scammer will move to the next step which he want to use in scamming you by telling you that there is one document you will help him to get for and give to the dr to him. He will tell you that he just got a new job and the document is highly needed and very important to him that you should make sure you get the document for him by all means that if you can do that for him, both of you will not suffer all your life.

There are lot of stories this scammer will tell you, but the thing is that if you get the Doctor number he gave you, the doctor will tell you to call the people that will give you the document and when he came he will give you the items sent to you and take the document.

When you call for the document you will be request for some amount of money. Don’t ever pay to them, they are all working together, they are all  scammers 08161245165, +447087662510.

Informationhood is now working together to get this scammer apprehend soon. but we warned every one to beware of this scammer. Once again, the person who owns these numbers 08161245165, +447087662510 is a Nigeria scammer. The Uk number is a fake uk number. Again he will call you with a hiding number because that uk number cannot make calls, it only receive.

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Bringing you the right informations. Touching every corner, exposing the true facts. Yes! It's Information Hood leaving nothing untouch. (Your loyal Serome)

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