14 Year Old Girl Forced to Marry a Man of 60 years: See Photo

A source submitted this photo to us on our “submite informationhood” early today of a 14 Year Old Girl Forced to Marry a Man of 60 years

14 Year Old Girl Forced to Marry

According to the source statement, the girl on this photo is just 14 year old and the man seating close to her as her husband is 60 years of age.
According to the report the parents of this young girl forced her to marry an old man of 60 years as you can see clearly on the photo.

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The Word Of God
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The marriage took place in ‘Somalia’ an Africa country.

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We wonder what some parents of this days are turning into? from the look on this young girl face simply tell’s hell she is feeling right there. This teenager should have still be under the care of her parents fighting for her education rather than forcing her to marry an old man.

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14 Year Old Girl Forced to Marry a Man

Informationhood blamed this old man who dedicated interest on a child younger to be his grate ground daughter, and for the parents of this young girl they are very stupid for this they did. The old man has no human feeling that is how we see’s it.

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  1. That guy need a searies of back hand slap

  2. silly parents, silly man.

  3. I guessed right, Muslims grin grin grin

    Following in the footsteps of their pedophile demigod MUMUhaMAD

    These people belong in premedieval, archaic, Stone age period as it is obvious their way of life is not compatible with modern civilization.

    PS: I don’t read my mentions, go ahead and quote your ancestors.

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