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Where to Buy Quality Laptop in Ibadan

Hello friend, welcome to my page on InformationHood. On this post i want to share with you all where you can buy quality UK used or brand new laptops in Ibadan. Tech is becoming one of the trend and advancement to life hold. We’re following the leading countries with power built around tech though our government hasn’t look into the aspect of supporting tech in Nigeria, however we’re still doing good compared to some other Africa countries.

Today schools and many companies cant do without laptop computer. When the pandemic showed up, it taught many of us how to work from our different locations to avoid the spread of the virus. This made the need for laptop grow huge by 60% in Nigeria and making everyone in search for a good quality laptop. 

Sad to break this news, Laptops are no longer cheap and this is due to the dollar rate. Expectations sometimes had it that Dollar will go lower at the time it was N360 per dollar not until we landed at about N600 per dollar now, this is to say the more you’re waiting for dollar to drop in Naira the more it’s going higher. The dollar issue have made all imported items to become very expensive. So put in mind that getting a laptop very cheap is like getting problem for yourself. 

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Ibadan is one of the big city in Nigeria with huge population. Getting a laptop in Ibadan isn’t stressful but getting a quality laptop is the challenge. There’re a lot of bad dealers everywhere selling problematic Laptops that can frustrate someone’s life crazily. On this article i want to share with you a reliable source to buy you quality laptop at affordable price. 

Be it that you’re looking to get a UK used or brand new laptop, it’s best you get very good quality laptop that’ll serve you very well.

Where to Buy Quality UK used and New Laptop in Ibadan

Have you heard of Wozick? Wozick is one of the best computer dealer in Nigeria focusing in sales of UK used and new laptops. Aside Laptops they also sell phones, computer accessories and phone accessories. They’ve office in Lagos and do payment on delivery all over Nigeria. Depending on your location they can do payment on delivery within Lagos to you. 

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This is the company i and all my friends have been buying our laptops and we’ve had any issue at all. They have the best quality UK used laptops, clean and very affordable. They also offer 3months warranty on used laptops and 2years warranty on brand new laptops. Check them out on

You can also get a laptop from any shop around Ibadan or Lagos at affordable price too but for now i can only recommend wozick as the best and reliable place to buy your UK used or brand new laptop. They have fast responsive customer care and on time delivery. 

What to consider while buying a laptop?

When buying a laptop, put in mind that all laptops are not same spec, the higher the spec the higher the cost. Also make sure the laptop you’re buying will be able to handle the need. 

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Where else to can i get quality laptop?

You can get a good working laptop from anywhere of your choice, i only gave recommendation due to my experience however you can check elsewhere to get a laptop and still serve very well. The risk is just high but you can give a try to any dealer of your choice if you’re not okay with my recommendation. Make sure you test the laptop very well and be sure the seller gives warranty. Some bad sellers will give you warranty that doesn’t work for anything and when there’s an issue they won’t respond to you fine anymore, so i recommend you buy from Wozick. If you insist in buying just anywhere, just be sure you don’t fall victim. 

Good luck friends. Thanks for reading through, If you have any question, kindly ask on the comment section below.

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