11 Best Marketing Strategies in Nigeria and Ghana

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Hello, friend welcome to informationhood the largest business ideas website in Nigeria. In this article, I want to share with you vital information, on how to bring your business or product to the face of your audience. Starting a business or producing a product is one thing and getting customers is another thing. It’s easy to start a business but not so easy to get people to buy the important aspect of every business is the customer area.

In this article we’re going to show you a perfect way of promoting a business or product in Nigeria, these are proven working ways. Tested working perfectly well. Before we get started it will be good that you know that promotions aren’t cheap in any part of the world. This is more worst in Nigeria due to our poor currency and economy.

Before you start thinking of starting a business, also put the promotion aspect in mind. Promotion is the only means new customers can get to know about your business or product and you see the marketing thing? marketing can never be neglected.

Most already known companies in Nigeria spend millions of Naira every month just to remain in our faces this is to say introducing a new brand to the public cost’s a lot, however, you can start your marketing small and grow bigger with time. Let’s see how to progress in this and the right profitable means of marketing in Nigeria to start with.

The first marketing strategy to consider for your brand will have to do with the kind of service or product you offer, and in this article, since I’m not too sure of what you do I’ll have to give me advice generally. So from the list, you can pick which of the marketing better suit your brand so let’s get started.

Best marketing strategies for brands and products in Nigeria

1. Word-of-mouth marketing

Word of mouth marketing is one of the best marketing strategies worldwide. This is the first level of marketing for many businesses. Word of mouth promotion gives the brand or product great confidence in the face of the market and also brand close communication with customers. Word of mouth marketing put your product or service in a face of the audience that it’ll trust more and stay longer. Many people prefer dealing with companies they know or have met with one on one. This marketing is considered affordable marketing, however even as effective as it could be, you should know that this kind of promotion doesn’t work for all kinds of businesses. If you think this marketing strategy would be good for your product or service then see below for how to get started.

How to Start Word of Mouth Marketing

Decide marketing location: First and foremost you must decide which location to carry out the marketing this is the initial beginning. You must first understand where to find your targeted audience, ex: if your produce tomatoes paste you do not go to hospitals to do marketing rather you go to markets and huge grocery stores. So it’s when you’re marketing health products, you do not go to parks you rather go to hospitals, etc. You must, first of all, understand who your audience is and where to locate them. Wrong marketing could cost you a lot of cash with little to no effectiveness.

Psalm 121:7-8
"Give thanks to the Lord for He is good: His love endures forever."

Employ marketers: After successfully understanding your audience and where to find them the next level is getting people to handle the marketing job. Some companies do hire professional marketing companies to handle this aspect but it’s quite expensive to get such companies however many of those companies deliver a great job. Doing it yourself will save you money and get you more experience, for me, I would suggest you handle your word-of-mouth marketing by yourself.

To do this, employ well-looking and educated individuals either male or female, I would advise that female staffs should be more, this is because ladies get more attention than men when doing marketing, however, you will need male marketers too to protect the females from some sort of violence from some kind of unwell humans out there who would want to take advantages. While employing people, try and go for well-looking individuals, I mean well presentable people. Such people gain attention and we’ll listen to them while doing marketing, not just, using good-looking and well-presentable people for your marketing to send a message of the company’s responsiveness and trust to your audience. The chances of them giving it a try will be higher than when some unkept and unpresentable marketers come around.

Note that hiring well-presentable and educated staff isn’t cheap, you must be ready to pay well to get such people as your loyal staff. However, it all depends on your brand, services, or product and your targeted audience. You can hire any kind of marketer but make sure to hire at least two or more educated and well-presentable staff and make them your senior marketers who attend to big contracts.

Print shirt for marketers: For regular marketers, you can print clothes for the marketing, such as your company name or product name printed on the front and back of the marketers’ shirt.

As mentioned before it depends on your targeted audience, for bug contracts or deals which needed to be handled by responsible staff, it won’t be nice for them to wear the shirt with printing back and front. Let’s take for ex: Bank senior marketers, instead of them wearing the company polo with a printer they put on suits with a little barge at the left side of the suit. You can decide how you want each of your markets to dress during marketing.

Business Cards & Flyers: Are you wondering if this is kind of important? Yes! It’s not just important but very important, in fact doing marketing without this implementation is loose on you so this aspect must not be neglected at all. Some of your audience may not patronize you immediately but they’ll have a means of reaching out to you when you’re needed.

Some of your audience might even forget about your services or product until they come across your card or flyer someday. Don’t do the mistake of not leaving your flyer for those you’re doing marketing to. To have this done, you can check online for a printer service that does the printing of flyers and business cards. It’s not even expensive as you may be thinking. From 5,000 – 10,000 Naira you may get up to 100 – 200 business cards. For the flyers, before spending up to 10,000 naira you may have a lot of flyers to run your marketing with already. There’s someone who can handle this for you and he is a friend of mine. His name is Mr. Lawal, base in Lagos. He works and waybill nationwide, just tell him what you want and how you want it. His contact is 081 8653 5018. Mr. Lawal can also handle the shirt purchase and printing as well.

Results Report: This aspect has to do with your marketers. Some people can be very funny, they might leave the office and go somewhere else to relax and return in the evening. Without daily Target your marketers may not do much so it’ll be a good idea to always put your marketers under daily or weekly target. You can make incentives available to appreciate hard-working staffs who beat target, at least to encourage hard-working staff. Almost all companies running word-of-mouth marketing do staff target.

Effectiveness Analysis: This is the aspect of close monitoring of results and knowing the next level. This is the part that tells you to continue, stop, or re-strategize. This also determines the time frame, season, and location a type of marketing will be effective so you don’t just waste money on inappropriate marketing. You can hire a staff to handle your business/market analysis or better still do it yourself if you have a piece of good knowledge about the market. You have to know when to start word-of-mouth marketing and as well when to stop or switch to another form of promotion. As for me, I would say as a business owner it’ll be a good idea if you should understand this works even if you have a staff that handles it already.

Conclusion on word of mouth marketing: To round this up, I believe by now you must have already set up an office, have a business account with at least 2 working phone numbers, and also a secretary who attend to customers’ request/orders complaints and inquiry! Since this topic is about marketing I want to believe your company has already been set up, so my conclusion on this word-of-mouth marketing is you have to educate your marketers on what is locally called sweet mouth. Sweet talking of product and friendliness is the key to greater results.

2. Social Media Promotion

This is the widest marketing in the whole world you could ever imagine. Social media makes marketing easy, effective, and affordable. You couldn’t imagine how social media marketing won every other type of marketing in our today’s world.

I have never seen any other type of marketing that’s as effective as social media marketing, not even a tv advert beats it. I don’t even know if I should call it social media marketing or online marketing even because it’s very wide and effective, I think any wish we call it is good for it. The result you’ll get from this marketing will blow your mind boom.

90% of Nigerians today use the internet for one thing other the other, some for connecting with their customers, family, and friends, learning, watching movies, getting entertained, doing research, and many more. No business can ever afford to miss social media promotion. This can be done right in your house, all you need to know is to learn how to do it. You do not need to contact anybody to run an ad or pulse ad. It can even be done by 8 years child.

Places to run promotions online.

Facebook & Instagram: These two platforms are owned by one person known as Mark Zuckerberg and these two platforms have the largest users in the world. You can advertise on Facebook and Instagram at the same time and same place. Your advert can reach millions of people daily and gain thousands of customers daily. All you need to know is how to have it done. You can start an advert even with as low as 1,000 or more.

One thing you should know is that Facebook and Instagram advertisements aren’t as cheap as you think. Some people spend hundreds of thousands daily on an advert, it gets worst when you do not know the real hiding strategy of running an effective advert, and it’ll be a big loss to you. You’ll be spending money advert and still be getting a low result. You need to learn the hiding strategy of running effective ads that won’t cost much you won’t spend one-quarter of what others are spending and you’ll be getting a great result.

There are some good social media marketers out there who have acquired great knowledge and know the real secret of running Facebook and Instagram ads for a very low cost and getting great results however there are so many people claiming to know what they’re teaching yet knows nothing, you may end up learning rubbish and waste your hard end money running costly and ineffective ads. We can offer you one-on-one training and show you the real secret from A-Z on how you’ll run effective Facebook and Instagram ads at a very low cost with a great result for just N20,000 (Naira).

Normally we do not teach people our little secret, all we do is to set up a campaign that will continue running for businesses and companies and our charge for that is N250,000, if you would still want us to do that for you, we’re at your service as well. If you think our price is too high then try it yourself, by the time you have wasted a lot of money running ineffective adverts you’ll realize that our price is just a token. Note that Facebook and Instagram aren’t the only social media to promote your business or product in Nigeria. There are some other social media as well. we are going to list them and talk about them below.

3. Google Advert

Google is the biggest search engine in the world. A whole lot of people search through google every day. Yes! Millions of people use Google every day. Google promotion is very effective and takes your business or product directly to the face of your audience.

Google understands who your audience is and presents you to them. Unlike Facebook which shows your advert to everyone, Google only shows your advert to those looking for what you offer, this makes google advert very effective as well.

You don’t just spend money for nothing but only for relevant audiences. You’re likely to make sales or get a contract with almost everyone that comes across your advert on Google if your advert is properly set up with the rightful keywords and targeted location. On Google, you’ll have to put in relevant keywords that matter to your business as well as target a location on which you want your advert to show.

It doesn’t end there, google partnered with another big website that serves google advertisements on their sites, this means depending on how you set the ad campaign your advert will be shown on the top website in Nigeria such as punch news, vanguard, CNN, BBC, Legit. ng and even in this current blog as well as many others. Almost all the top companies run an advert on Google, (ex: Jumia, Konga, Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, Walmart, Alibaba, coca-cola, Pepsi and so many more almost all the big companies run the advert. Many complain of people running an ad on Google without having a good return. Most times I smile at them, it is unwise to just watch a video of how to run an ad, and then just kick-started.

If that’s how it works then google won’t be advising getting professional advice on its advert. Even google advised that you should hire a professional google certified person to handle your advert to avoid losing money creating a bad campaign. We offer Google advert training for N50,000 but the sake of this article, if you indicate you came from this article then you’ll be trained for just N30,000. It’ll be one-on-one training that will teach you from A-Z how to run a successful ad campaign on Google. You’ll be thought everything till you become a professional, a money-back guarantee is assured if you’re not satisfied after the training. We can also set up over 10 campaigns for you that continue running for N300,000.

4. YouTube Advert

Almost every Nigerian with a smartphone watches one or two videos on YouTube daily either tutorial videos, music videos, movies, gist, or other entertainment videos. If you have been to YouTube you must have seen an advert showing before the video starts or in the middle of the video. YouTube video is very effective it takes lead and is better than TV advertising since many TV today are smart TV and stream YouTube mostly.

Adverting on YouTube, your advert will show on phones and tv, isn’t that great?. You must know that YouTube Advert is quite more expensive than the above-listed advertisement, but the outcome is very effective. You should also be aware that you can start YouTube Advert with any amount but there should be a minimum of $50 on the ground to make payment whenever they charge you.

You’ll be taught how to run a successful YouTube advert from A-Z as a bonus package if you subscribe to our Google advert training. We can also set up a YouTube advert campaign and google advert campaign for you for just N350,0000.

Get your business on Google: Google business is a very important means of getting to your targeted audience. It’s very important beyond your imagination. In case you don’t know what google business is, let me show you the photo below.

This is what google’s business looks like and its use is to get you more customers/clients. When someone searches for what you offer Google will show your business to them.

Google business is free but having is very difficult. After registration you may require to wait for a pin from Google to the address you input, this may take about 30 days or even forever. This means the chances of you not getting the pin is high however you can still give it a try. A professional who understands google business knows the secret to getting your Google business account approved immediately. If you need help with this kindly contact us on informationhood @ Gmail. com

5. Influencer Advert

An influencer is someone who has archived a lot of followers, someone who has created a huge audience for himself or herself, and who the audience has faith in. There are a lot of influencers in Nigeria from TikTok to Instagram to Twitter you’ll find a lot of influencers on these networks. You’ll make more sales and get more congrats if a well-known influencer promotes your product or brand. People trust them more because they’re popular and well known in society. Many companies today who can afford influencers use them for their brand promotion, product promotion, and even service promotion.

Getting a reputable influencer with a good amount of followers to promote your business will be very lucrative for your business/brand. You should also know that hiring an influencer to promote your business or brand isn’t cheap but it is worth it, your business will gain a lot in return.

You can directly message influencers through their social media profiles. While doing that be sure you’re on to the right person, reason is that scammers impersonate influencers to scam companies trying to advertise and individuals who want to donate to their favorite influencers. So you have to be careful while dealing with influencers online. If you need our help in getting you your choice influencer, our charges aren’t much and we’ll handle everything from the beginning to the end and ensure everything goes well. Just contact us at informationhood @ Gmail. com let’s discuss.

6. Sponsored Post

This is the act of paying big authority blogs to talk about your brand or product. There are some blogs whose recommendations can get you a huge audience, not just be loyal clients and customers. They could even recommend you and put your contact when writing about posts related to your brand or service. In this post you can see on the printing of clothes area we gave our recommendation, that’s because his work us excellent. You can contact a good ranking blog to give you a recommendation on their top ranking posts related to your services or products.

7. Adverting on Twitter

Twitter is a big social media with millions of users. Some people even said twitter if fun to be than every other social media but I still haven’t believed that yet. Adverting on Twitter will enable your company, business, or brand to reach a huge audience. Millions of Nigerians use this platform every day and most of these people are business owners, showcasing yourself to them could be very effective.

To start a Twitter advert you must first load your wallet account with a minimum of $100. You can run an advert to any country or city or gender just like all of the above-mentioned platforms. For now, we do not offer any service regarding Twitter.

TV Advert: TV advert still turns up and creates great awareness though it’s not as effective as it was before but can put your brand in the faces of your audience again to some extent. TV Promotion also creates good credibility and a lot more.

People seem to see your brand or service as a bigger brand or service when they start seeing it on the TV. Many big still run tv advertisements even as they’re running normal online and word of mouth advert they don’t neglect the power of tv Promotion.

To advertise your business, brand, or services on tv you must, first of all, choose which tv channel your targeted audience watches more, what is the program that’s is most-watched, and who are the people that watch this program? Are they the audience you’re looking for, will your advert convert sales?

These are what you need to think about and come up with the best channel to place your advert on. The next step will be visiting the tv channel office or contacting them through the social Media handle profile. The best place to reach out to tv channels online is Twitter. Just be sure you’re chatting with the real channel profile and also before proceeding with payment, try as much to visit and have a physical discussion with the tv station. Tv advertising goes a long way. You need to understand when your targeted audience will be on their TV.

For most converting tv advertisements the best time to show your advert is during the evening around 7-8 pm because this is the time most people have time to watch their tv at home after they have returned from their various offices. You should also note that tv advertisements are not very close to cheap. You must be well prepared before running a tv advert in Nigeria. Your budget for tv advert should be 3-50 million naira per day – week. Tv adverts as well travel far even beyond your imagination but unfortunately, we do not offer any service on tv adverts.

8. Billboard Advert

These are the board adverts you see along the road. If you’re in Lagos or Abuja most of the billboards are digital which means they display different adverts. They as well show at night. Considering this type of advert brings your brand, product, or services to the faces of the people. Can gain your brand awareness and more potential customers. You’ll like to find the advertising company number on the most available billboards. All you need do is contact them and ask about their cost.

9. Sponsor Events, TV Shows, and TV Programs

This is a great way of gaining publicity for your brand. This will gain you, local clients/customers. Abeg App was made known to us after sponsoring Big Brother Africa. Many people take great advantage of sponsoring big events. Sponsoring well-known events and tv shows will take your brand to a great level. There’re hundreds of shows and events hosted every month in Nigeria. Keep up to date with new tv shows and events and sponsor one. When you sponsor a show or event your brand will be advertised to the visitor and viewers.

Your brand logo will also be printed on the sponsors’ list boards. When I say sponsoring a tv show or event! It doesn’t mean you’ll be the one to take care of everything about the show or event. You can choose to give them 100 packs of water or soft drinks, you can choose to be the one to pay for the hall or carry one of the expenses and that’s all. You’ll be listed as a sponsor. If you need our service on getting your top tv shows and events available for sponsor then email us at primerect @ Gmail. com

10. Radio Advert

A radio advert can go a long way if you know the right radio station your audience listens to and also the right time your targeted audience will be on the radio.

11. Newspaper

Before now this is one of the best ways to reach out to a large responsible audience but now anymore when the internet has taken over the news aspect, however, some people still read newspapers and magazines. If you have interest in still showing your advert. You can find contacts of any newspaper on Google.


Thanks for your time going through all information provided here. If you read through all the information here, congratulation because you’ve just learned many things for free. Good luck with your marketing. Before you go, the vital aspect of every business is the customers/clients. Don’t give up on your business, try another straight.

If you do your marketing analysis very well and customers and clients will surely come. No business can grow without promotion. Find the best means of marketing and things will change for good. If you care to reach us kindly send us an email at informationhood@gmail.com

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