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How to Sell Your Car Fast Without Delay in Nigeria

Have a used car or direct tokuno car that you would want to sell fast in Nigeria? On this article i want to show you how you can do that without having to depreciate the value of your car for no reason. The reason why many people wants to get good means to sell their cars fast in Nigeria is mostly for urgent needs for money.

Hands taking paper icons of money and car. Leasing concept.

So dealers also wants to sell their car fast so they can get another market. It could be that there is another deal at a good rice awaiting them. there are many reasons why everyone wants to sell the vehicle fast.

I’m sure you must be aware that there are so many companies that buy vehicle at a request for it in Nigeria. If you have come through this post from google or other search engine you must have seen many companies that have the advert of buying cars fast publish on the internet. So many of this offers devalue your car to the minimum. They may worth a vehicle you are hoping to sell at 1.5m for just 700k, this is why some of us don’t get that as an option of selling our car faster in Nigeria, below are few ways that prove better than selling to those companies. You can now sell your car at the normal price you wish to sell or little lower but consider worth of it. Check below how to sell your cars fast in Nigeria without having to heat your head on the rock. Let’s get started.

Post Your Car Online Yourself

There so many online website you can sell your website in Nigeria, Posting your car online will help you sell it better and very fast. Some online classified in Nigeria required you to sell your stuffs for free while some other required you to pay before before posting for a token. If you are on the race to have your car sold fast in Nigeria then time to go little deep the hard way. To have this done is easy and required almost to no skill, in as much as you are online to make research and reading this post, you can as well do that.

Sell Your Car On Jiji

Jiji is one of the top online classified website in Nigeria that enable individuals and dealers to sell their items, not just cars but all items but it used or new or tokunbo. selling your car on jiji could be effective if done the right way. Note that posting on jiji is free but to have people to see the item you posted, you need to subscribe to one of the jiji package. Since jiji acquired the first and more popular classified website in Nigeria known as OLX they have increase their subscription package cost to a very high point. To sell on jiji you need to subscribe to their packages that range from 5k to 38k or else your ad may end up be seen by just one person or known.

Jiji is just like a market place but in this case is an online market place. you do not need any special seller application to start selling on jiji, all that is required is just to create account on jiji then create an ads that’s all. To post your car on Jiji click here

Sell Your Car On Get99

Some of you must have tried jiji and find that sales is not coming from there, don’t worry much as there is another new classified website that is just launched and growing really fast, You do not need pay to start selling or subscribing to any package to sell, it’s free for now at the time of writing this post. It a classified website also known as online market place to buy and sell just like jiji and olx. The good news is that selling on Get99 at of the time is chanced higher that jiji with too many ads but less customers. To start selling on Get99 is easy as to just create account and post your item for free. To post your car on Get99 click here

Sell Your Car On Cheki

You may have heard about cheki. Cheki is the first online classified website made specifically for cars sales in Nigeria. On cheki are dealers of cars all over Nigeria and some cars are owned and posted by individuals which means dealers and individuals who which to sell sell their car quick in Nigeria at a reasonable price can post it on cheki. Cheki will not give your a price to post your vehicle on their website. You can choose how much you want to sell. Note that you will have to pay before you can post on cheki. Cheki is not free to post, there is a certain amount you will need to pay anytime you wants to publish an ad. To put your car on cheki click here

Run Online Marketing Campaign

You can advertise your car online to sell it quick in Nigeria, but this method required you to have at least basic knowledge of social media marketing. You can run campaign on facebook, instagram, google ads and more places to sell your vehicle quick. This is one of the best way to sell you car fast but not everyone who knows how to do this. If you can’t then this website can help you out as a broker.

Let’s Help You Sell Your Car Fast

We can help you sell your car very fast in Nigeria by running series of online promotion to get you a potential buyer that will buy your car and our service will not affect your profit which means you won’t be paying us directly. If you want this website to market your vehicle for you to get you fast sales, then contact now, 08059844173 /

Contact Broker Company to Help You Sell Your Car Fast

If the word broker sounds strange to you, broker can be company or individual that stand between a deal to accomplish. A broker brings buyers and sellers together and complete a deal then get paid a certain amount of percentages of the deal. So many cases broker can add their own commission to a product cost while marketing in search for buyer and when acquired a buyer they brings the buyer to you. There are many broker companies in Nigeria, You can check out informationhood business directory for some online brokers in Nigeria.

Sell your car to car45 is auto dealer company in Nigeria that buy your car at a lower price to sell for profit. If you need urgent money and want to sell your car in no time wasting then you could consider cars45 as they worth the value of your car and pay you immediately. The problem here is that you will loose a whole lot of money selling to this company. A car you wish to sell for 1m can be valued for 600k or so, but it’s of good choice if you are in urgent need for cash and have to sell your car to archive that.

This is the only working method to sell your car fast in Nigeria that have proven effective at of the time of writing this post. If you have question or wants to contribute to this article, use the comment box below. Informationhood is open to give quick response.

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