10 Ways You Can Send And Receive Money From Outside Nigeria

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10 Ways You Can Send And Receive Money From Outside Nigeria

When you are communicating with companies, relatives and friends, sometimes there is need to send or receive money. In this article, I will discuss the various ways that can be used to receive or send money online.

1. PayPal

This option is available for Nigerians to send money and it is operational in many parts of the globe. Many online operations make use of PayPal and you can do your online purchases with PayPal. You can buy goods from sites like eBay, Amazon from within Nigeria and when they come in, you can sell them to the Nigerian market. PayPal can be used without making use of basic card information.

There are many merchant sites where you can make your purchases with your PayPal account.

2. Payoneer

The headquarters of this company is in New York City, USA. The company is registered with MasterCard worldwide. They have been operational since 2005. The system let’s you transfer money using commercial services.

Payoneer enables companies in many parts of the world to pay you using their system. People within and outside Nigeria can receive transactions and handle their withdrawals. When you register with their system, you get a virtual account number that enables online transactions.

Activation of your US account number takes place after you register with them, then you get your account details containing your routing number. You will need these details for payments to be made in your account.

3. Western Union

The Western Union money transfer mechanism enables you to send money to your relatives and friends. This system let’s you receive or pay money online from any foreign account. This system was not available earlier in Nigeria for transferring money into foreign accounts but now it is now a different case.

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You can now send and receive money from all parts the globe with the Western Union. Their agents have bank locations within Nigeria. The location and identification of the receiver with the cash is necessary for money transfer.

Find an agent of the Western Union in banks. Fill the form for sending money in block letters. Provide your present ID and payment to the agent clerk after which you collect your money and receipt. You can use this method for sending money. Go to the agent of the Western Union with a valid ID card.

Your availability determines payment in US dollars. However, you can carry out the payout both in the Nigerian naira and US dollars. This option is very much available in Nigeria.

4. Skrill

Request for MasterCard can be submitted with Skrill and this can be used for making international transactions and funds for your products and services can be received from wherever you are in the globe.

Active users can submit a MasterCard request and then use it to buy goods and withdraw funds for their locations. Creation of this is free and the users only use a particular percentage of what they send or receive.

5. PayU

The headquarters of PayU is in India and this is another platform for sending money online. This is among the simplest method of payment formed to occupy the gaps left by the service providers that offer complex services.

They offer the best rates of conversion with the acceptance of more than 45 methods of payment. PayU is among the few platforms that offers OneTop payment and the main technological breakthrough is that it enables users who are making use of it for a second time to skip entering their CVV again.


6. Bitcoin

This platform operates a payment system that is much like credit card or bank transfer. This is a new way of storing and moving money. The system is a ledger system with international synchronisation of the internet in such a way that everyone is able to access the equal ledger account in spite of their location or identity. The result of this is money transfer between parties excluding lag times and exorbitance.

7. Square Cash

This is another way of sending money online. It is much easier for someone to send cash using the electronic method. This platform is free for users to utilise Square Cash. You are required to enter an amount that includes the contact information of the sender or receiver.

You can make use of phone numbers, emails or cash tags. Open an email to the person or firm receiving if you intend to use mail.

Check your account using your debit card for reception of funds and payment is forwarded to the recipient’s debit card.

Open the mail of the receiver and write the amount of dollars paid to the subject line. Forward a carbon copy to the website in order to make them aware of payments. You may write something on the body of the message or you may just leave it blank.

8. Strip Subscriptions

This is used to enable recurring billing and this supports and process transactions online so as to promote a well equipped finance management which can be used for transactions.

It comes with a certain open API that enables one to connect to other transactions. This platform is part of a popular productivity software family.

9. Moneygram gram

With Moneygram, it is easy for one to send money from a nearby location across the globe. First prepare for your agent visit. Your ID is required where applicable. Also, the full name of your recipient matching your ID and their locations will be required. The amount needed to send the money which include the transfer fee is needed.


For sending bank accounts, your recipient’s bank name and account number will be needed. Finish transactions and give the agent the completed form with applicable funds. Save and forward your receipt information and then share your 8-digit reference number with your recipient.

Money transfers to a bank account will be directly forwarded and some countries may require more information.

10. Authorize.net

This platform utilizes a simplified process of payment. Time and money are saved and more services are offered. Payments are accepted from anywhere. They operate with more than 440 000 merchants across the planet.

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