UBA Bank Customer Care Number and Contact Details in Nigeria

On this article you are going to find UBA Bank customer care contact details. The UBA Bank is one of the largest bank in Nigeria having millions of active customers. UBA Bank was founded in 1948 when the British and French Bank Limited (“BFB”) commenced business in Nigeria. Over this years the bank has really grown huge and has taken part of Nigeria banking industry. UBA been the largest bank in Nigeria as a customer you might sometimes run into issue with account which required you contacting the UBA customer care service for immediate assistant. You might also like want to make some inquires or complaints, in these case you are been required to contact the UBA customer care service for better assistant.

UBA BANK CUSTOMER CARE contact details

On this article you will get hold of all means in contacting UBA Bank customer care service for immediate assistant. All means of contacting the customer care service are listed below.

UBA Bank Customer Care Contact Details in Nigeria

UBA Bank Email Address[email protected]

UBA Bank Customer Care Phone Numbers: +234 1 6319822, +234 700 2255 822, +234 1 280 8822, +234 1 280 8448 (fax)

Note that you will be charge at the normal call rate while contacting the UBA bank customer care service through their phone number.

Another good means in contacting UBA Bank customer care service is simply through email, if you can have some little patience to wait for about 4 to 5 hours then contacting them via email is a nice idea. To register your complaints, inquires, suggestion by emailing UBA Bank on [email protected]

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UBA Bank Customer Twitter Accounthttps://twitter.com/UBAGroup or search @UBAGroup
Contacting the UBA Bank via twitter is still very effective and you can obtain immediate respond within 3 hours.
UBA Facebook Account: https://www.facebook.com/ubagroup/
It also possible to contact the UBA Bank customer care via their facebook page, you can also like their page to be receiving their updates.
These are all the possible means of contacting UBA Bank customer care in Nigeria.

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  1. Akinlolu Oluwaniyi

    Pls, I find it difficult to link my bvn with other bank. I want to update info supplied for my BVN registration

  2. I forgot my atm card pin help me with that

  3. Iorwuese Emmanuel

    I am iorwuese Emmanuel. Am a student of Kampala international university of Uganda. Before I left the country I created an account with UBA and coming to Uganda I discovered that it’s not working. I need response pls cuz I have some money inside the account.

  4. I have forgotten My ATM pin please help me out

  5. comfort ebhotemen

    28,000 was debted frm my account since february7

  6. comfort ebhotemen

    plz 28,000 was debeted frm my acount since february7th and i have been go to uba branch in benin no respond

  7. Pls 2000 was deducted from my acct For No reason, they Claim it was for intl coll, which is sonething i know nothing of

  8. Hello i have an account in uba in Nigeria but now am not in the country and i want to use that account back what can do pls

  9. pls how will I set my u mobile e.g phone transfer and checking account balance my no. 2087216619

  10. Please I need to do transfer but they keep telling me incorrect phone number plz can u send me the correct phone number and new password to open my mobileapp plzeeee am waiting.

  11. I transfered 200,000 to my diamond account, i have been debited but the money hasn’t been credited to my diamond acct for 4days now pls help me verify the issue.. Acct No:2047421561

  12. Adewoye Kehinde Samuel with acc: 2075787994

    I am Adewoye Kehinde Samuel with acc: 2075787994. i received an sms that name on my acc is differ from name on my B.V.N.
    Last week i went to the near branch of UBA, i was told to bring my B.V.N no but i was not with it. This moring, i went there with my B.V.N, i was told that the name arrangment is differ: B.V.N{ Adewoye Kehinde Samuel} while ACC:{Kehinde Adewoye Samuel}, and i did my B.V.N in U.B.A. So i was ask for a valid I.D card and i don’t any I.D with me. Please help me out. Because instead of my going back, i will rather withdraw all my money in the acc

  13. i have miss my ATM pin, and i could not be able to witdraw my money. please help me.

  14. nwokocha kelechi victor

    Please help me out I have forgotten my account number but i still remember my account name and my phone number this is my phone number 08107875626

  15. nwokocha kelechi victor

    Please help me out I have forgotten my account number but i still remember my account name and my phone number

  16. My name is Anifowose bolarinde vincent i open uba account and have lost my account number please help me out my number is 08107407813

  17. am having problem linking my BVN to my uba account. what should do in other have my account back?

  18. please and please I go to Uba branch to change my Alert Number I wrote letters for 5* they did not even bother to change it

  19. Am finding it difficult to open mobile banking in my phone. The keep on telling me my mobile number is not valid. This is a number i hav been using since i ever had a phone and is registered. I used it in all my transactions in my different banks so i dont understand.

  20. I deposited 100naira in my nairabet account my account has not been credited bt it has been deducted: 2059816490:this is my account number.

  21. Omotayo Elijah Adebayo

    Pls sir I can’t load card on my account sir
    (omotayo Elijah Adebayo) (2081584408)

  22. Hello please I have a problem of my mobile banking with your bank with my pin number please I need your help to activate my account on mobile banking,acc number 2029355309 saves

  23. Uba ‘s customers’ negative comments and reactions on the bank’s disappointing and often failed internet transactions are but the truth and the bank is observed to be unconcern.My fellow concern customers just close your acct with the bank and change-over to other banks.
    I”ve been a victim severally and have started process of abandoning the bank.

  24. Hello,

    I had a remittance to my ward in Nigeria on the 16th December, 2016 at 23.53 via Worldremit, but the payee’s account has not been credited. Worldremit could not return the fund because we are told the money is already with UBA. For heaven’s sake I ask that the fund is paid immediately. You do not need the details here as you have all the pending remittances from Worldremit. I like to believe this is not a confirmation circulating in the social media that UBA is going under.

  25. Adeleye Samuel ayomide

    I mistakenly transferred the sum of twenty thousand naira(20,000 ) using UBA mobile banking from my account 2057854627(Adeleye Samuel ayomide) on 17/12/16 by 5:46pm to Jude Shem. O with account no 0231985570..(WEMA BANK PLC) Pls, kindly reverse the money for me… Hoping to hear from you sooner than soon

  26. Adeleye Samuel ayomide

    I mistakenly transferred the sum of twenty thousand naira(20,000 ) using UBA mobile banking from my account 2057854627(Adeleye Samuel ayomide) on 17/12/16 by 5:46pm to Jude Shem. O with account no 0231985570.. Pls, kindly reverse the money for me… Hoping to hear from you sooner than soon

  27. Opeyemi olabanji
    Pls I just open an account with Uba last week Wednesday have not yet seen my account number and bvn pls

  28. I transfer money to a fidelity bank acc have been debited but have nt being credited, my account number is 2069489354.


    Good morning, please notify me the condition of my money and account regarding the money been deducted when I tried transferring and still have not been reverse back account number (2057339575)

  30. am totally tired of UBA bank…. someone paid money into my account #48000 and I having #2750 before….. so i look at the bottom for my balance I meant #30000 something on it… am not happy to loose #20000. and will not loose it….. pls help me 08060922986

  31. This is my second time here.Is this page functioning at all? It has become clear that UBA group doesn’t have customer relations. Imagine the customers’ comments here ranging from one issue to another. why create this page when you know you can’t manage it. Don’t worry you loosing your customers gradually.

  32. UBA debited me since 28 of October, up now they haven’t reversed themoney even when I have filled form.u people should sack ur IT solution staff. They don’t know anything. They are bbunch of lazy staff.

  33. uba debited my money and no body get access to my account. I have written the letter they ask me to write and my money has not be credited back yet.I am going to tell my friends not to open bank with uba again they are steal some money .

  34. I transfer money to my fidelity bank have been debited but have nt being credited, my account number is 2091205139 pls help and resolve dis I want to make use of the money or u reverse d transaction pls

  35. Bamigboye Oluwabukola Alice

    Please am trying to enter my verification number on u-mobile;butnot responding…. I have like five verification number;so what should I do.

  36. I asked for a transfer of #50,000 naira to mr yisau kola of first bank my online mmm participants since 1/12/2016 till date my benefactor haven’t seen the money, I have been block due to ur negligence of duty, u have cost me great pain, I regret banking with Uba.

  37. If I say am tired as a customer in this bank is not a joke.Money has been sent to me from UBA sapele to UBA FUTA branch since morning. I have been waiting but all to nothing.I always receive this kind of treatment anytime money is sent to me from UBA.Pls,I want my account to be credited.Pls UBA.

  38. I last received a credit alert on september, since then no amount of money has been deposited. They only bounced back to the sender. And i receive the same information 1 day after the other complaining to customer services. Pls, reply 08069340086

  39. gbadamosi oluwakemi

    i dnt get alerts on my phone anymore……..why?

  40. My name is Ogala Monday ,i leave in Abuja Zuba precisely,i transfer the sum of N10,000 through my ATM card with account number 1005212913 on 1st December, 2016 but the beneficiary( Freedom Ogala) first Bank account number 3056821223 is yet to receive the money and my account has been debited. please kindly respond to this as soon as possible. Please send your reply to this number 08181919285 or to the email provided.

  41. Adejumobi pelumi Lateef

    I transfer #2000 from my account to my brother account on the 5/09/2016 and the money was deducted from my account and it dose not reach the recipient. since then, I keep on complaining and the staff keep on telling me they will refund me my money but my question is that which day will they refund me my money

  42. My name is Adewole Cecilia, a corp member in Okene, Kogi state.I transferred a sum of #100,000 and #40,000 through my ATM with acct no. 2087995420 on 2nd October, 2016 but the supposed beneficiary ( Ojo Arogundade Pius, Gtb, 0167324037) is yet to receive the money. I have paraded UBA Okene countless times but my effort has been futile. I think i have been frustrated, I hope to seeing response as soon as possible. Thanks.

  43. patience jeff onaiwu

    pls I how can I send more than 50000 with my U_mobile.

  44. Uba remove #10000 from account without my approval it was said that I with draw money from Eco bank ATM on the 25th of August.which the ATM did not pay me.but I was surprised that UBA now came to remove the money from my account in October 26th.that Ecobank ATM did not pay me on that date because UBA network was bad then please kind refound my money back to my account.this is not the first time am losing money to through ATM.more than 4time UBA did not redound my money.that Exo bank ATM did not pay me .pls

  45. I need to verify my account it’s been long I used it and want to know if it still exist 04590680063298. I need to know ASAP

  46. I tried to use my ATM after have withdrawn the previous day.. but it says unable to connect. why could be the reason?

  47. UBA is not goodlike others bank in fact iam tired, required if you open a saving account in uba and their sent U-Mobile to your phone U-Direct after you receive alert Email box or need to open current account the both befor youcan get your cash

  48. ezekiel elizabeth Busayo

    Pls I want to know my account balance ACC num 2068865364 name ezekiel elizabeth Busayo pls kindly send ur reply to dis num 08068684184

  49. UBA is the worse bank in Nigeria, customers need are not met at all, am highly frustrated/

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