Are you in search of how to make money online in Nigeria? we have writing this article to help Nigerian start making money online, so if your question is How to make money online in Nigeria.

Best way of making money online in Nigeria

Easy way to make money online in Nigeria

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ree method to make money online in Nigeria, then you don’t need any e-book, this article is for you, just read on.

Make money onlineA lot of people have been looking on how to make money online but still the only means recommended is google adsense which required you to have a website with good traffic, On this post i will be showing you some nice way to make money online in Nigeria.

First to get started i want you to know some of this business doesn’t required start-up capital while others might require little start-up capital.

To making money online you must be focus and have time for yourself, already a worker will find it difficult to make money online, for you to be successful you must choose to face one alone or you will fed up before the afternoon comes. Again i won’t advance you to use all this method listed on this article together, for example, doing all together because you want to make it faster, NO-NO if it becomes over whelming you might get frustrated and even quit all of them without you making a damn, so there for we advance you doing one or two so you don’t over whelmed.

The things to do to make money online in Nigeria are

1 Telemarketing
2 Blogging
3 Freelance
4 Personal Skill
5 Domain Name Business
6 Bulk sms business

More below

The above listed method can make you a millionaire in life if you know how to do it better, that is what we are going to show you on this article how to become successful on the above listed online business, we will go deeper on how to make good amount of money from online business. The fact is that abroad people has been making it online very well but in Nigeria we haven’t develop much platforms for this because of lack of interest Nigerians have in online business, no top business men want to invest in online, Let get started.

1 Telemarketing, ( help selling others products )

This is one of the best way to make money online in Nigeria without having stress in claiming your money, reselling people product is converted in many areas, you can make money online by doing this. the requirement for this business are:

All the above mentioned methods are all free, if you can spend your time on 3-4 of them then your success of making money online is guaranteed.
Get starting with those stuff take no time if you know what you are doing.
Above list contain some promotion method which will take quite some times but eventually not eternity.


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2. facebook page or page

Create a facebook page and promote it to have good amount of users, when acquired the numbers of users you think it well enough then choose a product to introduce to them for example skin care products, Computer laptops, Printers etc.

The fact is that you don’t really need to have this product before selling them to your followers and making money. All you need to do is contact who ever you know he or she sell this products and tell them that you will be bringing customers to buy their product but you will be adding some amount to the original amount he is selling, you can also ask for lower price for you so you could be making some amount of money.

At this point you are now a business partner with this person, take the photo of the item and post it on your facebook page telling them how the item work. If any body requested for the product then you have to direct the customer to your business partner shop telling your business partner how much you have agreed with the buyer.

This is a solid way of making money online without you living the comfort of your home, this ideas are good for house wife, retired persons, those who doesn’t like insult from their boss, those who are looking to have their own business but don’t have the money to start. If you are wise in saving your income from this business within 6 months you should be able to have your own business or shop if the item you are selling is giving you good amount of money, if you don’t know the kind of item to market then drop your comment below.

creating facebook page does not take more than   if you are doing it right, you should be creating a facebook page that attract  people’s eyes and feel like joining your page when ever they come across it, and also making targeting the right audience for your business, to learn how to create facebook page perfectly drop your comment below.

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There are also an option of using facebook group to market your products which is more easy to grow but lesser value for business, it can make a good value for business if manage properly from the beginning with good business strategies. to learn how to create facebook group and how to manage it to have business value, kindling drop your comment

3. Buying and Selling on Olx

Olx is the most popular market place in Nigeria where all kind of items are sold, the good thing is that olx is totally free, this means you can list your product for sell on olx for free and within some hours you will start receiving calls for your items, olx have not less than 50,0000 visitors daily, this means selling on olx is a great choice for Nigerians.

Your customer will call you and request for your product, some customers might request you to deliver the item, but for safety reason it highly preferable to direct them to the store, instead of going to their house or request some Nigeria delivery service to come and pick the product and deliver it to the buyer, if you have the money to purchase it from your business partner which is the original owner of the shop.

This men method required no start-up capital at all, and it easy to start selling olx and make a living if done in the proper way. At the same time let me quickly inform you that you can list more than 20 items on OLX without you making any sales if you don’t know the right way to go about it.

This means you still need a proper knowledge to become a successful seller on olx. this article will help you get sales every day because it cover all about how to create a good legit profile, the number or images of a olx seller must put on product if really want to make good sales, and how to write a good product description, also how to write an eye-catching product title that every one would want to open, last but not the least how to answer your customers when ever they call, drop your comment below guide.

Selling on Proudnaira forum
Proudn Naira Business forum is a Nigeria new latest forum that bring together all Nigeria business folks / entrepreneurs together. They have a market place for buying and selling. It’s easy and faster to sell on proudnaira forum if you are a good marketer that has some good skills of marketing. Selling on the forum is very fast as well but still get to count on to how affordable your item is.

4. Blogging

Making money online is mostly refereed to blogging, yes blogging is really a good way of making money online, many Nigerians who early get into blogging is now making it big. Going into blogging you must have at list a good knowledge of some thing which others needed, and some thing others bloggers don’t have.

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Now we see many people running into blogging while others are quitting out, the reason of those quitting is clear, it all because they have nothing to offer to people. Just as mentioned above you must have something that will interest people, this should be what you like doing naturally even without making money of it you still enjoyed doing it.

If going to blogging because of money alone then you might likely quite easily before the time come. But if you have all your mind on it, doing it for fun and life likeness, then you might definitely be successful in it,  in return of your hard-working on it, this means blogging required hard-working and patience also likeness of it before extracting it honey.

Blogging doesn’t take much time to get started, it only depend on how you would like to make it look. for me i will suggest you take it in an advance way from beginning, because the foundation determine how the building be will in future.

Items required to start blogging in Nigeria are

  • Computer laptop or desktop
  • Internet access a.k.a Subscription
  • Hosting service
  • Domain name
  • Good amount of time

Lets go into details why you need all this to start blogging

i. Computer
You need a good working computer that can stay on for at least 15 hours daily to accomplish blogging, you can UK used laptop for a cheap amount which could work well, to buy UK used well working computer you can check our trustworthy reliable recommended UK used laptop sellers in Lagos, visit:

ii. Internet Subscription

internet subscription allow you to access the internet, it now very cool that glo has release a very cheap data plan of 10gb for just #2,500, you can just purchase the plan and start browsing the internet with your mobile phone or computer. it the best data plan that can last you for a month before re-subscribing again is needed. To learn how to subscribe glo 10gb for 2,500 naira check out Glo Cheapest Data Plans 2016: #1000 for 2gb, #2000 for 6gb, #2500 for 10gb

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iii. Hosting Service

The best platform for blogging is wordpress if you can afford a hosting service, there are a lot of plugins and themes that can make your blog very dynamic, i am not talking of a free wordpress service such as What i mean is having your blog name such as  this require a hosting and domain name.

Before starting blogging you must first choose a niche that you are good on which won’t seem to be a bother to you, the most important thing is doing what you like doing daily, love writing.

On your blog you can make money from google adsense, direct advertisement, and affiliate marketing, selling your own products e.t.c, to learn how to start a fruitful blogging investment visit

5. Freelance

freelancers are really making it big time online this days. thousand of people are making it big already abroad, and only few Nigerians know this secret. i won’t go into details of a freelancer on this post, if you don’t know what freelancer mean then read our previous article of a freelancer. There are many website you can start freelancer on, as a freelancer you have the whole time for your self, you work from the comfort of your home, the most reliable place to get freelancing job is and elance, these are the most popular freelancing website where you can get daily freelancing job, as a freelancer you need to acquire skill which others need and you need to be hard-working in completing works on time in other to be receiving positive review from your clients, before going into freelancing job you have to first acquire knowledge of completing a test. First i will have to tell you the is been used world-wide, The most selling point job on are

  • Article writing
  • Blog post review
  • Graphic designing
  • Logo Design
  • software and website development

6. Article writing

There are a lot of lazy or busy bloggers out there who are too lazy to write or even too busy to write articles for their blogs, this kind of bloggers look for freelancers who have good writing skill hire who can help them write article for their blogs or website. If you love writing and you have a good amount of positive review you can charge $50 $100 for an article job of 1500 words, if you don’t know how words are counted while writing you can read this article:

7. Review

A lot of people look for expert freelancer to review the new stuff for them such a software’s, applications, websites, article e.t.c, you can charge $40 to check around an application and give your review to owner such as things not working well, areas that need amendment, new ideas e.t.c. online sellers also pay freelancers to write positive review on their product to attract more customers.

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8. Graphic Design

You must have known that every business in one way need a graphic designer to work with especially company/business advertising their product or business both online and offline. If you happen to be a good graphic designer then your chance of getting rich on freelancer is high because the demand for a graphic designer is very high on freelancer, if you have this skills then i urge you to register for on or elance now and start biding for jobs, make sure you put your previous work on your pro-folio to get easily pick for jobs, if you don’t have graphic design job and would love to be a graphic designer then your can check our recommended graphic design academy in Nigeria by here:
As a graphic designer, you can charge $200 to $300 per job or project. You can read about graphic design here

9. Logo design

Every business need a logo, been it online or offline business, it almost like graphic but more important to business and companies then graphic, all business want to have logo in means of identification that people recognize easily. With a company logo you can tell of the company even without seeing the name, so logo is more important and play important role in means of identification and most wanted by all business. Thousand of businesses go on freelance websites to look for logo designers daily. If you are an expert logo designer you can charge $700 – $1000 USD per logo because it a one time some thing for businesses.

10. Software and website development

This is the big short in the freelancing world, In fact if you are an expert software developer and you haven’t still make it then something is definitely with you spiritually, or maybe you are too lazy to information, software and website developers are very important to this technology world, website developer are also highly needed with a good payment, as a software developer you are aid to charge $6,000 – $10,000 USD per project depending on the project. I know of someone here in Nigeria who earned $140,000 per year from software development freelance job through, elance consider this Nigerian guy as one of their top earners and invite him for launch when they came to Lagos Nigeria for meeting. the most website to get software and website development job is Software developers are also known as application developers, those who develop applications such as whasapp, 2go are known as application developers while those who develop computer software such as avast anti-virus, adobe flash for computer are called software developers. A software developer can also develop mobile application same goes to application developers.

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This online business cost nothing to start if you already have computer and subscription, you can register for freelancer here, fill the registration form and follow up registration according to instruction. To learn how to bid for job without getting rejects read: How to Apply For Jobs Online In Nigeria

11. Selling Personal Skill

Selling your personal skill required a company website, this means you are a standalone company, and this require you to have a skill others will pay for, such as web designing, application development, this is taking you off freelancers website and placing you in a start of an independence business, you can choose to market your company to get clients faster.

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12. Domain name business

Domain business is still a good way to make money online in Nigeria. This is an act of buying a domain name and resell it to company who need it for their online website or business. It called domain flipping.

The good side is that this business doesn’t required any form or stress at all, domain business seem a bit slow in dealing with but very profitable, if you are a type that is looking to invest online then you can do this domain name business. This business required some good experience, this means you have to learn to become domain name business expert, according to people on this business, the said they have not idea of quitting the business because of how profitable this business is to them, some boast of their cars and house bought with domain name business. According to some of them a new way of making it very quick without any stress has been introduce which you can read here: They said in domain name business now you don’t have to stress yourself, just sleep or do what ever you wish to and you money is pumping to you according day after day, they mentioned that dealing with new domain names are no longer important, and not even profitable any more. The mentioned how you how to first park a domain name at first and make lot of cool cash from it without stress before selling it for big amount which could be up to $2,000 – $10,000. Wow this a hug sort in income but they also mentioned if you are not experience enough you will lose a whole lot of money. To learn every thing on how to get started with domain business visit:

13. Bulk Sms business

This is one of the most easy online business i ever seen and seem to be moving well in Nigeria, bulk sms are those message which you receive some times from companies, churches, businesses e.t.c that has names which you can’t call back. This business is very easy to start and if you have good amount of money for marketing you can become the boss for just 6 months, a lot of companies, businesses, churches, banks uses bulk sms, what if it happen that this people are using your bulk sms service, you will be a big boss in a short run, domain name required

  • Bulk sms website
  • Computer
  • Internet subscription
  • Domain name
  • Hosting service
  • Sms api
  • Marketing
  • At least #20,000 buying sms units

The above mentioned required stuff are very much important to start bulk sms business, this means this business required some good amount of startup capital of maybe #50,000 – #100,000 naira to accomplish in the way you should be expecting good amount of money. for complete information on how to start bulk sms business in Nigeria successfully read this article: You can as well see the top bulk sms provides in Nigeria here.

This is the best ways to make money online in Nigeria, we have put together this list of online money-making method to help you grow your finance, we were able to archive this great post by the help of the almighty God. We also want to inform you that the best way to be successful in life is knowing God, accepting Jesus as your personal saviour then only you will be entitled to make it in what ever you does.

If you have any question regarding this article how to make money online in Nigeria, then use the comment box below to ask what ever you wish to know.

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