See The Top 4 Best Banks to Open Savings Account in Nigeria

Let us take some time to learn about the best banks to open savings account in Nigeria, Generally i love operating in bank that can give me the best quality which i want, i am operating with up to 3 Nigerian banks and i can say all of their service are not the same. Some of the banks are not just worthy of even giving a trial, some are not only uncurious but very embarrassing, did i just hear who cares, i do really care.

best savings account in nigeria

I am not going to mention names of these weak banks here but only going to point few banks you will enjoy operating savings account with. First before proceeding you would want to know what savings account means, what you cab do with it. If you don’t know yet then you need to read about savings account here.

Currently; many banks ATM Card has stopped operating in abroad, this means you can’t purchase online from dollar website, it a bad news for some online forks and bloggers who purchase domain and hosting online. November 2016 my domain was about to expire the next day, i login to my domain account to renew my domain but unfortunately my card didn’t work, i thought the error is from my ATM Card so i went straight to the bank in mind to have my ATM card activated to purchase online. To my surprise when i get to my bank, i was told that my card won’t work on dollar website, i ask why? and the reply was ‘we don’t have dollar to sell, please try GTbank if you operate there, or go and source for dollar yourself. hmm i was like is this bank serious with business?. I won’t mention the bank name, but the good thing is that i was able to have the problem solve at GTbank, this are some reasons you need to operate with a good bank in Nigeria.

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Best Banks to Open Savings Account in Nigeria


Firstbank is just the leading bank to operate savings account on, this bank offer the best savings account quality ib Nigeria. I’m currently using firstbank savings account and they are amazing, the bank chargers you monthly renter of about 14 Naira while increase your account with a bonus of about 5% amount in your account. Their customer care responsive, their staff as well mean job. In first bank currently you can open a savings account and have your account number upon opening point and required no opening fee.

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Firstbank ATM still work abroad and can be use to purchase in dollar websites, there is only a limited amount of $200 monthly.


This is another small but mighty bank standing in Nigeria, this bank is easy to operate any where, Gtbank is always serious with customer satisfaction, making the best mobile app, online banking, text message atm card blocking and more.

The bank is always smart with business, where as crediting and alerting customers immediately so a business fork who receive a transfer from their customers can quickly confirm the transaction alert of direct bank balance checking. Their savings account is amazing and has all the amazing facilities, their ATM Card work on all ATM Machine warranting network availability. Their customer care service is worthy giving a 9/10 review and they are available on social medias to always render help to it customers.

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GTBank ATM Card is still working abroad, this mean GTbank customers can still use their ATM card to purchase on dollar websites such as godaddy, amazon, alibaba, etc.

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GTbank account can be open online or by visiting the nearest GTBank branch. Minimum amount to open GTbank savings account is 2,000 Naira.

You can learn about GTbank ATM Card and how to get it here

With GTbank savings account you can buy airtime direct from your account and pay bills as well, you can decide using the mobile app or their online banking which will be connect through your savings account.

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The only problem i have with GTBank is the act of delaying transfer, this means when you make a transfer from your GTBank savings account in some cases takes 2-3 hours to delivery to the receiver account, i have witness a situation when transfer from GTbank account took 4 workings days before delivering to the receiver.

United Bank Of Africa ( UBA )

UBA bank is one of the best and first bank i love so much, this is the first banj i started operating with and they are so amazing a must confess. Their savings Account opening process is so amazing that you don’t have to stress yourself. They have a wonderful customer care through email, their response is always appealing and problem resolving. Money delivers immediately to your account open send, and transfer from UBA savings account go straight to the receiver immediately opun transfer.

Maximum Amount to Transfer With UBA U-Mobile App

UBA has a mobile friendly app which is very easy to operate, with the app you can make all kind of transaction such as pay bills, buy airtime, check account balance, make a transfer etc. UBA is very straight forward and they don’t charge you unnecessarily, the only charges i knew of is the monthly sms chargers, this us the cost of alert they send you within the month.

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UBA ATM Card works with all Nigeria Banks ATM machine in as much there is network flowing there.

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Sad UBA ATM Card bo longer work in abroad, this leave the online forks using UBA savings account kind of disappointed. I have tried purchasing in dollar website but my card was declined, which means purchasing in abroad with UBA ATM Card is declined.

Zenith Bank

Zenith bank is another that i also respect their form of operation. They have good savings account management system. They offer ATM card on their savings account, they as well give unlimited usage. Their customer care service are a bit manageable’ could give then 5/10.

Sending and receiving money is done and credited instantly without delay. Their ATM Cards works on all Nigeria banks ATM Machine, and the branches are found in every cities of Nigeria. All branches of Zenith bank banking hall are always conducive, i love the fact that Zenith bank is the most finest and most richest bank in Nigeria, so you should expect better performance and high quality banking there.

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They have a very easy to use app where a customer can easily carry out transactions, the app allow transfer, bills payment, airtime recharging, account balance checking and many more.

This is my recommended banks list to open savings account on. They might be others out there but this i have tried and they are amazing.

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