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Six hoodlums arraigned for disrupting PDP EXCO inauguration

PDP NEWS: November 2, 2016
Six men believed to be political thugs, who allegedly conspired with others still at large and invaded the inauguration venue of the Peoples Democratic Party Executive Committee to cause mayhem, were on Wednesday released on N300,000 bail on the order of

How to Borrow Data on Glo

On this post you are going to learn how to borrow data on glo network in Nigeria. Glo data is currently the most affordable data service we having in Nigeria. Glo has the most cheapest data plan and same time their network is very ok browsing the internet at as now. It many shock some

God is Good Motors Logistic (GIG Logistic) Contact Details

God is Good Motors is known as one of the best and leading transportation service in Nigeria. The transportation company also offer Logistics service known as (God is Good Motors Logistic Service), it enable one to waybill item/package to someone in other state or city. We have tested the transportation waybill service and confirmed very

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