Nigerian Idol Registration Form: Complete Process How to Get Yours

If you want to know how yo get the Nigerian Idol registration form, then this article is for you, just read on. The Nigerian idol is known to be a low version of the Idol series franchise. The Nigeria idol is sponsored/powered by Etisalat. It is the platform which gives young vibrant Nigerians the chance of showcasing their musical talent to the world and winning a life time changing award. The show started its first season in year 2010 and was titled season 1, at the time of writing this article the platform is about acquiring it season 6. The helping platform has presently gained better recognition all over Nigeria.

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A winner of Nigerian Idol go home with a grand price of 7.5M Naira and a brand new car. This is a chance some people are looking for never to lose if you think you have the taken, you can give a trail and if lucky who knows’ you may be the next winner of Nigerian Idol.

How to Get Nigerian Idol Registration Form 

On this article we will be showing you how to get Nigerian Idol registration form and get ready for the event. The process is not really as difficult as some people are thinking it to be. First we will be looking at the requirements that qualify you entering into the Nigeria Idol contest show, this is to get tour mindset on what you will be required of, you can then know yourself if you are qualified for the contest or not.

Requirements Of Nigerian Idol

The contest is limited to some certain requirements, in order to be considered eligible for the contest, you must be a citizen of Nigeria. And also must at least be a permanent resident of Nigeria in order to participate on the event.  Again you must be eligible for full-time work in Nigeria.

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Aside the above, you must keep in mind that Nigerian Idol has a limited age, and the show is open to only 16 and 28 years old as at the time of the registration, anything less or above of this age has automatically disqualified you.

The show is restricted to it already participated person’s. This means if you have been to Nigerian Idol in any of the previous season you are no eligible to participate again ever on the West African Idol, therefore can’t access registration for this event.

On this show, you are required to be able to demonstrate to the Producer that you do not have any agreement with any of the organizers.  This is to maintain strong genuine aspect of the show to be less assured that relationship or contract favour doesn’t progressed in the contest. This means you must not have contract for any talent registration. You must not have any agreement that relates to user of your likeness, voice or name, You must not have any music recording contract, You must not acquired paid fans and you must not have any exclusive acting contract also.

If you think you passes the above requirements then congratulation, the next move should be how to register for the event.


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How to register for Nigerian Idol

Note that the registration to Nigerian Idol starts 2 days just before the audition day. To register for the event you are required to visit the registration venue to get your form and register within the designated time for that.  You can equally register on the morning of the audition if you were unable to register within the first two days. But we advice to register on time so as not to be too late for the registration.

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The registration usually starts by 8 am and it is spread across several cities in Nigeria.  It will continue till early morning of the day of the audition.  The date is usually updated on the Nigerian idol website; you are required to visit the website to get an update of the date.

Nigerian Idol Registration Requirements

While going for the registration you are required to go along with your 2 Identity Card ID on the registration day. The required ID must bear evidence of your age and it should show your photograph as well.  For strong evidence, you may go along with your birth certificate or driver’s license or even voter’s card.

You may need a relative of friend to come along with you to the audition.  The person that will be coming with you have to come with you in the registration stage so he/she can be offered a seat ticket.  Note you or the person that will accopany you must not bring a child below 5 years of age.

On the audition day you must bring the wristband you were given on the registration day along with you to the location of the audition, and also you should not put on any dress that bears designer names to the audition venue.

Knowing that this year Nigerian Idol season is around the corner, you might want to know when exactly the registration will be on. If that is the case, don’t worry as we will help you keep an eye on this year registration process and alert you of it soon as it hit On, we will immediately alert you of it including registration venue, just leave your comment below using your active email address which we can alert you on as soon as the registration is about to start.

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This is the complete process of obtaining the Nigerian Idol Registration Form.

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